Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Gotta teach 'em young.

We started our new league of volleyball last night.  Eli and I went in as free agents and ended up on opposing teams.  We played against each other for our first match.  I was nervous as hell for the first couple of plays because I'd literally only met my teammates five minutes before we started playing.  I expected it to be awkward and weird as we learned each others' playing styles, but we gelled almost immediately.  It was a nice change.  My team is good, and the other teams we watched seemed to have a similar level of play, so it should be a nice competitive league.  Oh, and we kicked Eli's team's ass.  To be fair, they had three new players to our two new players, and he said that one of the guys kept running over the all-time setter.  A flattened setter would make it hard to complete a bump-set-spike rotation.  As fun as it was, we still missed our old volleyball team and hanging with our friends.  It seems like this group doesn't really go out after.  Bragging rights are only fun if I can taunt Eli with them in front of people who care.

D's 4th birthday is next weekend, and I've had several people ask me what he wants.  For those of you who intend to buy him presents, you can find an Amazon wish list here:

D's Birthday List

You're certainly welcome to get him anything not on the list or nothing at all.  We're having a party at our apartment on his birthday for anyone local that I forgot to invite.  Or anyone willing to fly in.  Either way.  Text me or email me if you don't have our new address yet.  Thus ends the public service announcement portion of this blog.

D starts pre-K next week.  He's going three days a week, but it's an official pre-K program meant to prepare him for kindergarten next year.  We're still not sure which school he'll be going to since our house doesn't officially exist yet.  C is a solid walker now, so we're going to start potty training him this week.  Hopefully soon we'll be done with diapers forever.  Or you know, until Eli starts needing them in the next couple of years.  The three of us (me and the kids, Eli is always at work now) were playing with D's train tracks the other day.  D was lining up his cars on the tracks, as he does, C was throwing wooden track pieces at us, and I was playing dodge-track.  It got to be about lunch time, so I put C in his high chair and let D keep playing while I put together food.  At some point, he decided that there was a volcano on his tracks, and it erupted.  He told me that there was lava all over his cars and he couldn't play with them any more.  Then he burst into tears.  He was genuinely sobbing because his imaginary lava was in the way of his cars.  I had a moment where I wasn't sure if I should comfort him or take a picture for the "Reasons my Kid is Crying" website.  We eventually decided that C's water delivery truck (which was full of imaginary milk for some reason in D's head) would be a good solution for the lava problem and enable D to keep playing. So he flew the truck over the tracks upside down to "put the lava out."  All was well after that.  In other news, C has learned how to motorboat me, and he thinks it's hilarious.  Eli also thinks it's hilarious.  I'm half convinced Eli taught him to do it when I wasn't looking. 

This is how we swim.  We chew on the floaty's face.

D was all excited to meet Clifford, but when confronted with reality, he was considerably less sure.  His first question? "Why isn't Clifford big?"

Enjoying the beautiful not-Fall day at the playground.

C was making us laugh by hitting random buttons on my phone while we tried to take a pic.

"That's right, I can walk. What now..."

Just chillaxing on the wet grass.
The newest member of my garden menagerie.  Presenting...Mini-Beyonce!  Or as I like to call her, Hildegaard.