Friday, August 14, 2015

'Nother cow...

Big news, people, big news. 

C had his first dentist appointment today.  It was weird because he loves brushing his teeth at home, but he freaked out when it was his turn for the hygienist and the dentist to look in his mouth.  D, on the other hand, hates getting his teeth brushed at home but loves the dentist.  My kids were clearly born to be contrary. 

We've been in Colorado for a month now, and we still love it.  The tornadoes on Tuesday were fun.  They were just north of us, so we ended up sitting around all day watching the Weather Channel instead of going swimming.  Honestly, it was kind of relaxing to have a good reason to just sit at home and watch tv.  It's not like tornadoes are a new thing for me.  Unlike Eli and the earthquake incident in India when he totally overreacted.   He's not really new to tornadoes either, but he's always lived in an area that wasn't hit by tornadoes.  Nearby, sure, but they never ventured into the hallowed streets of Brookfield.  I think they were afraid of all the old rich people.  I'm aware that Colorado weather, and the Front Range specifically, can get crazy, so I haven't discounted the idea that there might be tornadoes here.  When it suddenly got dark outside and the air had a particular stillness, I turned on the Weather Channel because I'm not stupid.  Yup, tornadoes and severe storms literally fifteen minutes north of us.  The south end of the storm wasn't as bad, and all we got was a little rain, but I stand by my actions.  Eli got home and laughed when I told him we had stayed inside because of the storm.  We'll have to work on when he should take weather seriously.

Here's the big news: we sold our house in Wisconsin.  That's right, folks! After over a year of being on the market, some poor souls decided they wanted our house.  The offer is for an acceptable amount of money, but included some stuff about selling their house first and a home inspection.  It only took them a couple of weeks to sell their house (lucky), so the inspection was the last potential problem for us.  Any of you who've been to our house know that it's not going to pass with flying colors.  The electrical work in the basement alone should be an issue.  Well, the inspection happened yesterday morning, and they still want the house.  We were told they wanted us to fix a few things, but we're fine with that.  So yay!  We'll be the proud owners of no houses come mid-September (we don't technically own our new house until it's done and we've closed on it-hopefully late December).

Our new house is coming along.  And by coming along I mean they've started digging a hole where our basement will be someday.  I'm not including a picture because it's still basically a dirt pit; it's just a deeper dirt pit now.  We have an appointment to sign off on the last of our choices today, so hopefully that goes smoothly.  I'm actually excited to see the finished product and start changing things.  Guess the kids got their contrary from me.

Silly face!

Eli doing his thing at the canyon near our house.

We need to work on how to drink from a water bottle.

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