Friday, July 24, 2015

It made us feel fancy.

Wednesday was my birthday, and it was surprisingly great.  We tend to not do much for my birthday.  Like, maybe we'd go to dinner, if even that.  The last couple of years, I've gotten house improvements for my birthday.  A new kitchen floor for instance.  This year, we're clearly not doing that, so Eli got me a cool planter set that suspends from the ceiling.  He was even excited about picking out plants with me.  It was a really nice change.  He also got me a giant four-layer carrot cake that is totally going to make me fat unless he remembers to take it to work with him.  It was tasty, and it continued to taunt me from the fridge even after I'd overeaten at Olive Garden for my birthday dinner. 

As the third part to my birthday present, Eli got us tickets to see Defending the Caveman at the Denver Center for Performing Arts.  That was last night.  We decided to take the train to downtown to check it out, and I can now definitively say that the Denver light rail is pretty nice.  At the Theater Station, we came up through a parking garage to the main complex and were greeted by table after table of free appetizer-type dishes and drinks.  It was both cool and confusing.  Eli tried a couple of dishes as we walked along (there are several theaters that open to one central area where most of the food was), and we wondered where everyone was getting the mason jar glasses they were getting filled with free drinks.  We finally asked someone, and they said there was a table right next to admission where you pick them up.  It was about that time that I realized everyone but us was wearing blue wristbands.  We had a quick hushed discussion about whether we should check out more food or exit the area and find our seats.  Exiting won by a small margin.  We passed the admission area just outside our theater, and it turns out that we accidentally snuck into a foodie event charging $55 a person.  Whoops.  They were featuring the 40 best restaurants in Denver or something like that.  We agreed it wasn't our fault because they really should have had someone standing near the parking garage entrance checking wrist bands.  I found out later that one of the cupcake shops I wanted to check out had a table in there somewhere and decided that maybe I should have given it a little more time before insisting that we stop stealing food.  The show was good, and we had no problems finding food after or getting back to our car on the trains.  I would love to do it again some time, just maybe checking ahead of time to see if we need to pay for a food festival first. 

Giant tasty birthday cake and the kids who couldn't wait to devour it.

D and his cousin playing in a stream at a park we visited with a train and a petting zoo.
D and his new favorite train.

C got a new haircut!

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