Monday, February 9, 2015

Does shivering count as exercise?

I can't feel my fingers.  Our furnace decided to stop working at some point Saturday night.  Eli woke me up on Sunday with the romantic phrase: Get up and get the kids, the furnace is broken.  We also had a showing that afternoon.  I thought cleaning the house for a showing was bad, but cleaning it when it's 55 degrees in the bathroom is worse.  Since it was Sunday, we called a couple of repair places who promptly did not call us back.  We finally got ahold of someone Sunday night who offered to come out immediately for $280 or first thing Monday morning for $120.  We knew what was wrong with it, it was a ten-minute fix, and there was nothing we could to do to get the part to actually fix it ourselves.  So being sturdy Wisconsinites, we decided to spend the night shivering and made an appointment for Monday morning.  I did not sleep well. Despite piling four blankets on top of me and having a heated mattress pad under me, I still got blasts of cold air every time I shifted.  Fun.  The kids were fine because we put heaters in both of their rooms. When I woke up this morning, it was 50 degrees in the house.  I decided that the urge to pee was not nearly as strong as my need to not be frozen to the toilet seat.  I also decided that I would make a hot breakfast this morning because at least the stove warmed up my hands.  That was the same reason I studiously did the dishes first thing.  The repairman came when promised and the furnace was up and running ten minutes later.  Unfortunately, it takes a long time to heat up a house with poor insulation.  Unsurprisingly, the people who looked at the house on Sunday were not interested in purchasing it. 

C's first birthday is just around the corner, and we're celebrating with cake and sandwiches.  If you're in the area around 3pm on Sunday, Feb. 15th, stop on by and get some free food and entertainment.  C loves his food, and I can't wait to see what he does to the cupcake we're going to give him. 

In preparation for the toy bonanza soon to be upon us, I've told D that we're going to sort through his toys and give the ones he doesn't play with to kids who don't have toys.  I have high expectations of this going horribly.  D doesn't really share on his best days, so I assume this will force him into full on hoarding of all his stuff.  He seemed fine when we made valentines for his class this weekend, but I'm not sure he understands that he'll be giving those away.  Guess we'll find out on Thursday.  Should be fun. At least more fun than playing keep away with a frozen toilet seat. 

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