Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Your face is delicious. Like my books.

I'm pretty sure C is part zombie.  If you put anything that resembles flesh near his face, he will lunge and try to sink his teeth in.  His two teeth.  His two bottom teeth.  He can't even get good closure, but those two bottom teeth are sharp.  He's also started to crawl for real.  Previously, he'd do that army thing that D did where he'd push off with one back leg and pull forward with both arms.  A few times I've caught him doing it with a toy clenched tightly in his mouth.  Now he actually moves his arms and legs independently.  Consequently, we've put the baby gate back up in the living room.  As an added bonus, we're hoping to trap some potential homebuyers there until they agree to sign.

C turned 9 months on Friday.  It snowed this weekend.  These two things are connected.  I have a 9 month snowsuit, but it doesn't have hands or feet, so his little hands freeze when we go outside.  The Beks and I went to Pleasant Prairie this weekend for, well, let's face it...we went for the Ghirardelli store, but we stopped at the Old Navy outlet too.  I saw baby snowsuits for 30% off and went oh hells yeah.  Now, my first inclination was the light grey and white striped one.  After a few minutes of contemplation (and remembering the previous night's dinner where C only got a bottle because of his white snow suit), I chose the navy/dark grey one.   We bought our stuff, went home, all was well with the world.  The next day, Eli and I try to get the kids ready to go to the gym.  I throw the new snowsuit at him and tell him to put C in it.  A couple of minutes later, Eli gives up and tells me it just doesn't fit.  Let's be clear here.  I bought a 6-12 month snowsuit.  C is in the 25th percentile, so he's small for his age.  He should be able to do laps in that snowsuit.  Nope.  We couldn't get his chubby little legs into the leg holes.  Le sigh.  We had to return it.  They didn't have baby snowsuits at the Old Navy near us, so now C still freezes his little hands off whenever we go outside.  Stupid polar vortex.

New taggie blanket for some friends who are letting it be a surprise.

The other side of the taggie blanket.
Flannel baby sheets for a Noah's Ark nursery.
Noah's Ark sheets for a Noah's Ark nursery.
Why are all my sheet pictures so yellow?  They're all blue, I swear.
This is how D watches his shows on the tablet.
Trying to escape the living room.
Still trying to escape.
Giggling while sitting up.
The knowing smirk.  As soon as I leave the room, he books it for the front door.
This is how we "read."  Books are delicious.

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