Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's the year of the tutu.

This just happened.  I went upstairs to get C up from his nap.  He was making unhappy noises, but that wasn't usual.  I turned on the light and said hi to him without really looking.  When I got to the side of the crib, I could see why he was unhappy.  At some point during his nap, he'd managed to get both legs into the same leg hole of his outfit.  It was one of those sleep 'n play kinds that look like pjs with the feet.  He looked like a mermaid.  A very unhappy mermaid. 

Earlier in the day, I was holding C while D played with his cars on the floor. C reached down toward D's face (he's been obsessed with D's hair for a while now), and D swatted him away.  Unfortunately for D, he still had a car in his hand and whacked himself in the head with it.  Of course, he started crying, but I was laughing so hard I had to put the baby down.  Ah, good times.

The Halloween party was a blast.  I hope everyone who came had as much fun as I did.  For once, no one puked in the house or had to go to the hospital or accidentally set a couch on fire.  In fairness, I'm pretty sure the couch caught fire all on its own that year.  It was ridiculously cold outside, so we didn't have a bonfire, but the empty basement provided plenty of room for stupidity.  Everyone's costumes were really creative, even the ones I had to provide (you're welcome, green fairy).  Here's a small sampling:

The fox and the hound.

I see you.

The (Hungry) Mad Hatter and Broken China Doll.

Slash and his 80s groupie.

The (Still hungry) Mad Hatter and Jango.

A hippie and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (loony bin version).

The March Hare.

I honestly have no idea who he was, but he was very proud of it.  Also, his machete had real blood spatter action.

A suicide bomber and a green fairy.

Grandmother Wolf and Red Riding Hood.

A little Audrey Hepburn ice queen.

A lady lumberjack and a lady (?) nerd lover.

In retrospect, the Mad Hatter was always eating.  Ace Ventura was an eerily accurate costume.  Grandma Wolf creeped everyone out because he never took off his mask.  The suicide bomber was anti-climactic.  The China Doll wins best face paint, but the March Hare wins best mask.  The nerd lover, though, wins strangest overall.  And no, we don't want to touch your boob.

Up next: Thanksgiving in Florida.  We're still waiting on the go-ahead for the super secret news, so we'll be looking at houses in the Tampa area while we're there.  Our house is still for sale, and though we've had a lot of interest, no offers means we lowered the price.  It's too bad, but it is what it is.  We'll be in the area through Christmas and New Year's, but no promises after that.  There will probably be a lot of changes happening right around C's first birthday.  The least of which will be that hopefully I'll be able to fit into my pre-baby jeans.  Fingers crossed.

Fine, here's a picture of me and the hubs:

Leonidas and his goddess.

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