Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stuck in The Fog. The struggle is real.

It's been something like three months since I last posted.  I'm not sorry.  We've been working toward a lot of changes in our life, and it's taken up most of my time.  As I told a couple of you, I was also struggling with some mild post-partum depression.  I'd qualify it as Baby Blues, but it never seemed to fade or go away for any length of time.  It mostly presented as extended periods of lethargy and apathy, which does not translate to a whole lot of blog posts.  I actually have several drafted posts that I just never finished.  That's true about almost all of my projects over the last couple of months.  Nothing has held my interest for long, and the prospect of working on something, anything, held no appeal.  I also started to have a lot of trouble sleeping.  I know some of you are now yelling at your screens that I should have talked to you, but I was never sure where to start the conversation or what to say.  I just didn't feel like doing anything, ever.  There were never any harmful thoughts, just a lot of boredom.  And it wasn't completely constant.  I had a lot of moments where I emerged from the fog and felt fine.  I even felt relief that I wasn't bored anymore.  But they were only temporary, and the fog always came back before too long.  Except this time it hasn't.  For the last couple of weeks, I've felt much more back to myself.  I don't know what triggered it in the first place (though I have suspicions beyond my body chemistry being f-ed up), and I don't know why it's gone now, but I hope it doesn't come back.  The purpose of this blurb is to thank everyone who had patience with me when I went all hermit-y (yes, that's a word.  Because I said so).  You all seemed to just take it in stride and let me pick up right back where we left off.  So, thanks.

I'm super excited about some stuff that's coming up in the next couple of months, but I can't really talk about it yet.  I'll let you know when the hush-hush stuff is finalized (no, we're not having more kids).  Next weekend, Rocket and family are coming to visit for Halloween, and I'm really hoping we get them for more than one drunken night (even if that night is awesome).  Either way, it'll be really nice to hang out again before we take over their house for Thanksgiving.  I'm really looking forward to eating my way through that trip as well.  Man, I love food (this is no surprise to anyone), and Thanksgiving in Tampa is always one amazing meal after another.  And also the many truffles.  I think we'll be setting up a trip to Denver early next year as well to visit some friends who are becoming new parents.  And let's not forget the 5th Anniversary Mexican Extravaganza where we will be returning to the scene of our wedding for more shenanigans in May/June 2015.  Start saving now, people.

I've decided to add yoga and 30DS to my regular work-out routine again.  I like the combination of cardio, strength-training, and ass-kicking that would give me.  Still trying to work out some kind of schedule for that, but it's going to happen.  I've lost some weight since having C, and it's coming off pretty regularly, but I think I can do better.  Also, I still want arms like Jillian Michaels.  Can you imagine how much better my volleyball skills would get?

C is like two seconds from crawling.  He scoots himself around on the floor just like D used to, but he actually gets up on his hands and knees unlike my recalcitrant first child who went from scooting to walking.  He's still the chillest and happiest baby I've ever met.  He absolutely loves people, and his favorite person is his big brother.  They'll play this game where D rolls him onto his back over and over again.  He bonks his head on the floor every time, but he just laughs and rolls back onto his belly.  I'm still not sure if I should stop the game before there's a serious head injury or just have a glass of wine and be glad they're playing together.  C still has a flat spot on one side of his head, but it's barely noticeable now.  His hair looks nothing like D's.  It's several shades lighter and thinner, and it sticks up everywhere.  D likes his "soft, fuzzy head."  I like it too, but I'd prefer if it stopped coming into contact with the ground quite so roughly.

So, not to brag, but D is completely potty-trained.  It only took us like 18 months, no sweat.  He actually learned to use the "big boy potty" pretty quickly, once we stopped letting him wear pants.  We thought the daytime part would be easy, but nighttime would take longer.  It was the other way around.  Once we gave him access to the bathroom at night, he picked it up with only two accidents.  There were WAY more accidents during the day.  It certainly made pre-school a lot more interesting. Now we just have to convince him to give up the pacifier, and we'll be set.  

C decided he would rather suck his thumb than eat the weird squishy food.

D giving C a kiss right after covering him in every blanket and pillow in the living room.