Monday, February 3, 2014

And now we're all learning new things.

Eli's home now, and so far, life is better than when he was gone.  Before he got back, I was a bit concerned we'd settle back into the routine we had when he was visiting where I barely got to see him.  I'm happy to report that we've reached a great compromise where he gets the time he needs for his interests and I get my husband back.  In the week that he's been home, I've learned (or re-learned) a few things. 
  • He sucks at Tetris.  Everyone knows that filling the dishwasher is the adult version of Tetris, and Eli is just bad at it.  Of course, there's always the possibility that he's faking being bad at it so I'll load the dishwasher.  Either way, it's faster if I do it and all the dishes get washed.
  • He randomly starts bleeding from mysterious wounds.  He left India with his face intact.  He arrived in Chicago with a busted lip.  He says he fell asleep on the tray table and something must have happened because he woke up with a sore lip and blood all over the table.  I suspect that the pilot was like "let's have some fun" and waited for the right moment to manufacture some turbulence to bounce Eli's face off the table.  The other option is that the table attacked him completely on its own, which seeing as how it was Eli, is entirely possible.
  • He still gets water like the little girl from Signs.  Half-filled glasses of water all over the house.  I have to perform a sweep every morning to collect glasses that he's deposited and return them to the kitchen.  Even the Man-Boy was grumbling about it because Eli left a glass in his room that he had to bring downstairs. 
  • He's surprised by mundane things I do and nonchalant about some of my more amazing abilities.  I crocheted a mitten for a friend, and he was super impressed that it was "solid and marketable."  I washed all his dirty clothes from India on the day he got home so he had clean underpants, and he chose not to wear any the next day because he assumed all his undies were dirty.  When I told him all his clothes were clean, he didn't believe me at first.  On the other side of things, he's not at all impressed that I can literally quote Aladdin in its entirety or explain to him in detail how viruses reproduce.  Apparently, virology is easy but laundry is hard. 
Now that Eli is back and we've had a chance to discuss it at length, we've decided on a baby name for NotSherlock.  Or at least most of a name.  We agreed that we liked Cade as a nickname, so we're now deciding between Kincaid or Caden.  I like Caden; Eli likes Kincaid.  Honestly, we both like both names, so it's more like we're leaning in two different directions.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to win this one though since Eli got to pick D's name.  We have no idea what we're doing for a middle name yet.  I'm 34 weeks today, so we do have a little time before it becomes a more pressing issue.  Despite mostly choosing a name, Eli still called him Sherlock last night.  I hit him with a pillow.  I figure negative reinforcement (or throwing something squishy at him) might break him of the habit.  We'll see how it goes.

Speaking of babies, my amazing sister and brother-in-law have started up their own website/blog to catalog the adventures of my new baby niece, children's book reviews, and anything else my sister-in-law wants to put on the internets.  You can find them here:   The Nutshell Librarian.  I highly recommend it.


The Nutshell Librarian said...

Z and I were wondering if you guys are interested in collecting votes between those two names. We have a favorite, but we totally understand if you don't want any outside feedback!

Raedyn said...

We love hearing what other people have to say. What's your favorite?

The Nutshell Librarian said...

Okay, Z and I vote for Kincaid. A.) I like Jamaica Kincaid's writing. B.) I know name popularity is regional, so this may not be true in Wisconsin, but there are quite a few Kaidens out here these days. I think my friend said there were five or six on her son's (Kaiden's) soccer team. I don't think you can go wrong with either one, though. They are both very euphonic, and we love both choices. Great nickname! :)