Thursday, January 9, 2014

One year smarter.

 Things I've learned since my last post:

  • Do NOT leave a 2-year-old alone with your laptop if you want it to remain in one piece.  
  • My cat is entirely capable of sitting outside my bedroom door and meowing all night long.
  • Five and a half inch heels are generally not a good example of a wedding shoe, even more so when you're seven months pregnant.
  • It is possible for a complete stranger to volunteer to clean up D's Lego mess in the dentist's office so I can get him in his coat and to the car in a timely manner.
  • It is also possible for a grown man to kick the back of my airplane seat for the entire flight between St. Louis and Milwaukee.  
  • I found where I put the second key to our India apartment.
  • I need more yoga pants.  
  • I will drive two and a half hours to get my favorite cupcakes.
  • There is a point at which I no longer want cupcakes.
  • Ice is slippery, even in snow boots.
  • Snow does not cushion your fall on concrete steps.
  • When sleeping on a twin-sized airbed, I will voluntarily throw myself over the edge of it in my sleep.
  • When sleeping on a queen-sized bed next to my husband, I will voluntarily throw him over the edge of it to get to the "cool" side of the bed.  Sometimes even in my sleep.
  • It only takes a very short amount of time before I miss D terribly when he's not around.
 For those of you wondering about the pregnancy, everything is normal.  This baby kicks a lot harder than D ever did, but it's kind of like having the hiccups where you jolt sideways when it happens.  We still haven't settled on a name, though I've started calling him "NotSherlock."  I'm at 30 weeks, and all is well. 

For those of you wondering about Eli, he'll be home on the 28th for good.  The first shipment of our stuff arrives tomorrow (all the clothes but none of the furniture, awesome).  Eli leaves for his 40th birthday frozen river trek on the 16th, and assuming he doesn't get eaten by a yak, he'll be back to the India apartment for the last time a couple of days before he heads home.  Maybe I should try to send him the second key.

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