Monday, January 13, 2014

It's practically summer.

I saw a lady wearing flip flops outside Goodwill yesterday.  Then I saw a different lady wearing a short skirt at Target, lots of leg showing.  I may live in Wisconsin, but I guess I'm not completely acclimated yet.  D and I were dressed in winter coats, boots, layers, etc.   Mid-30s did seem warm in comparison, but I wasn't ready to take off my gloves just yet. 

A couple of weeks ago, D knocked over his dresser without making a sound.  Eli and I were downstairs chatting during his naptime, and when I went up to get him at the end of it, his dresser was on its side and all the drawers were open and empty.  I'm not sure how he accomplished that feat without alerting us since we can hear him sneeze up there if we're not doing anything loud.  It was impressive, and he looked pleased with himself.  In the last few days, he's figured out that a) he can push the gate at one door to his room over to free himself, and b) he can unlock the other door and just walk out of his room.  I had to buy a better gate.  That's all well and good, but the drill is on a ship somewhere between India and here.  I can't install the gate unless I have a power tool.  I've been forced to improvise until a temporary drill gets here.  Apparently, no matter where I put the tension gate, he can knock it over.  Even when it's held in place by strategic screws.  My kid is developing his ninja powers already. 

The massive pile of boxes in our living room is all officially unpacked.  My office looks like a hoarder's paradise because all the packing debris is in the basement until they come pick it up, and none of our furniture is here yet.  Eli shipped back some stuff that was the property of the apartment owner and some stuff that I just didn't want.  For instance, the sort-of broken high chair we were using in India.  We don't need a high chair here.  It's big and unwieldy and cracked.  So of course Eli had it shipped back and I had to wrestle it out of a giant cardboard box just so I could carry it to the car with the rest of the Goodwill crap.  Speaking of the car, it's currently sitting on something like 2 inches of ice, which is covering our entire driveway.  Let me tell you how much fun it was carting several heavy boxes of India crap to the car for a trip to Goodwill while skating across the uneven ice.  I didn't fall, but I feel like I pulled something in my hip.  When I stopped at several stores to get some driveway salt, they were all out.  Do you know how much of a pain it is getting D out of his carseat and into to the store just to have to turn around and put him back into his carseat?  He wants to play and run, so it often turns into a battle of wills that ends with me just hefting my 30 pound toddler over my shoulder and carrying him to the car.  While he wriggles and screams.  And I work on my skating moves over the patches of ice in the store parking lots. 

I also had to shovel a couple inches of snow off of part of the driveway to get Eli's car out of the garage.  I'm supposed to be taking it in to get the brakes fixed, but one of the tires is flat yet again, and it's just not worth it moving D's carseat into the other car just to drive half a block up the street to the gas station.  I'm waiting until Isaiah gets back.  Then at least I can leave D with him while I get Eli's car taken care of. 

I've decided that Eli is never allowed to leave me here alone in the winter again.  Then again, since it's practically summer temperatures, maybe I should stop complaining.

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