Friday, November 22, 2013

Perfect timing.

I'm trying to potty-train D, sort of.  We all know I can be incredibly lazy, so the effort is kind of off and on.  When I remember, I ask him if he has to go potty.  He always says yes.  He'll answer almost any question with yes.  I couldn't find my keys earlier, and I asked D if he knew where they were.  He said yes.  I was like: sweet, the kid comes through.  I asked him where they were.  His answer: he threw them.  Excellent.  And completely not true because he was strapped into his car seat with no access to the keys.  My point being that he loves saying yes to people.  So when I ask him if he has to go potty, he always says yes, and he has yet to actually use the potty.  As a result, I'm a bit lazier than I probably should be in following through.  Tonight, I remembered to ask him shortly after dinner figuring that he'd just had an entire cup of milk, so he must have to go soon.  Of course he said yes.  Then he wanted to get naked for his time on the potty.  Fine with me.  Thirty minutes passed with us sitting in the bathroom.  We talked silly, and he spent a disturbing amount of time licking my palm, but he didn't use the potty.  I figured thirty minutes was a really good attempt, so I got him down and went to get a clean diaper.  He followed me naked into the living room and started digging through his toy bin.  When I turned around from the diaper stash, he was staring at the floor as he peed on it.  It was amazing timing.  I couldn't help but laugh and be glad he didn't pee on the rug.  I praised him for peeing and encouraged him to go on the potty next time.  I'm not sure if it's a step in the right direction or if I'm just truly terrible at potty-training.  There had to be something I was terrible at, right?  At least Eli is coming home soon, so he can take over evening potty duty.  About that...

Eli is planning to be home the first week of December.  He has to get his visa changed before the movers can come for our stuff, and he has to be there while they pack because only about half of the things in the India apartment are ours.  Once he gets his visa and an appointment with the movers, he can buy his ticket home.  For those tuning in late, Eli got the new position at his work that he'd been pushing for.  It comes with a raise and the need to come back to Milwaukee early, so the contract is ending in early December instead of mid-February.  He's still planning to fly back to India for his big 40th birthday trek, and the apartment will still be available and furnished for everyone.  He's also going to leave his 50 pounds of meat there in the freezer for that trip.  I can't help but be grateful because we'd need to buy a second freezer to store his meat.  Not something you say every day about your husband. 

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