Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy First of November!

I love Halloween.  If you ask me in October what my favorite holiday is, I'll say Halloween.  If you ask me November first, I'll say Christmas.  I read that one of the Milwaukee AM stations is already playing holiday music.  I haven't checked yet, but just the possibility got me all excited.  I love everything about the holidays, and hell yes, I lump Thanksgiving and Christmas into one huge holiday season.  That's why I'd love the holiday music to start on November first.  Not the round the clock stuff yet, I can wait for the day after Thanksgiving for that, but the occasional song to whet our holiday appetites.  I realize this is not a popular opinion, but I don't care.  It makes me happy, and today I need a little happy. 

I woke up this morning to find D standing amidst a pile of stuff from the little bins on top of his dresser.  This is not a new occurrence.  Once he was confident that he was allowed to leave his toddler bed, he likes to get up in the mornings and turn off his sound machine, his humidifier, and hit the buttons on his Twilight Turtle a couple hundred times.  The last few mornings, he's also managed to reach the two smaller bins on his dresser and has helpfully emptied them out on the other side of his door gate (his door is at the top of the stairs, so we close the door and put a gate up when he's sleeping).  He's known how to open the door for a while, so it's really only the gate keeping him in his room.  He also likes to sit and chat with the cat who will roll around on the other side of the gate taunting him.  I only made it halfway up the stairs this morning before I realized something was terribly wrong.  The stairs reeked.  There was the usual pile of stuff at the landing outside D's door, but he was rubbing his face and saying "uh oh."  I quickly realized that I'd left a small bottle of tea tree oil in the bottom of the larger bin that had gotten covered with papers and baby junk.  I tried it when we were still cloth diapering in an attempt to minimize the poop smell in his room.  I preferred the smell of the poop over the smell of the oil, so it was forgotten.  Until today.  D had gotten the bottle open and dumped the entire thing on his carpet just inside the door.  Then he covered it up with the papers and baby junk.  I was most concerned by the fact that he also reeked of tea tree oil, and he kept rubbing his face by his mouth.  I immediately rinsed his mouth out and washed his hands.  His pjs went directly into the washing machine along with his blankies and the shirt I was wearing that he managed to smear with oil.  I Googled tea tree oil to find out that it's apparently poisonous.  Here's where I win the mom of the year award.  Instead of taking him to the hospital or calling poison control, I gave him a cup of milk and asked him if he drank any of the smelly stuff.  He didn't answer the question, but I wasn't really expecting an answer.  He was showing no symptoms of ingesting the oil, and I couldn't smell it on his breath. Also, the stain on the carpet was pretty big, and there was oil all over the other stuff he'd thrown around with it.  I had no idea when he'd actually started playing with it, so I decided to wait and see.  I got him changed, gave him breakfast, and scrubbed the carpet with OxyClean for an hour and a half.  Nothing.  He was his normal self.  He didn't seem to like the smell of it, so it's really unlikely he would have tried to taste it since he's picky about the way stuff smells.  Thank goodness.  It scared the crap out of me though, and in between scrubbings, I made sure to go through everything in his room for more hazardous materials.  So much for baby-proofing.  On the plus side, he hasn't fallen down the stairs since we switched to a toddler bed, so we did something right.  I got the smell out of his blankies and surprisingly out of most of the carpet, but his pjs are still soaking in preparation for their third washing.  I may have to just throw those out.  As a reward, I got to spend the morning with a crazy bad headache and nausea from the intense smell.  I opened all the windows upstairs to air out the house too, so it feels like a crisp fall day here in my living room.  We're going grocery shopping when D gets up from his nap, and after this morning, I may clean them out of discounted candy.  There's nothing like eating away stress and anxiety to make you feel sick later when the hyper-active baby is practicing karate on your insides.  Fun times, bring on the holiday music.

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