Sunday, September 8, 2013

To sum up

Just a quick post to keep everyone up to date.  D and I are heading home in one week.  I have everything except half a suitcase packed, so we're all set on that front.  I just got a new blood test done, and my TSH levels (the thyroid stuff I'm having a problem with) are still a little high.  They're much closer to normal now, but I think the doctor is going to adjust my medication again.  We had a second ultrasound as well (this is how they do exams in India), and everything is normal and right on track.  That was a huge relief because I've been extremely worried about the hypothyroidism and my inability to eat very much.  Most of the general nausea is gone at this point, but if I try to eat something my body doesn't want, it immediately kicks back into high gear.  I have plenty of cravings and I'm hungry a lot, but the things I want aren't available here.  The same problem I've been having.  I'm really looking forward to eating like a normal pregnant woman in another week.  I've lost more weight.  I'm now down 10 pounds from when we found out we were pregnant.  Despite that, my belly has popped out a little, and since it's firm, I'm assuming it's baby rather than very tenacious fat.  I start my second trimester on Monday. 

D seems to have no idea that things are changing, but he did freak out when he opened the suitcase in his room and found his pillow in there.  He's listening pretty well now for a change, so I hope corralling him for the flight won't be too hard.  I desperately need him to sleep for a while on the plane, but I recognize that he doesn't care what I desperately need.  He's slept longer and longer for each international flight we've taken, so I hope we'll get more than 6 hours this time.  Weirdly enough, I'm really looking forward to the cheese wedges they always have on the plane.  Eli claims that if I want some, all I have to do is ask.  In business class, they'll go out of their way to provide me with cheese wedges even if they aren't serving food.  I hope he's right.  In the mean time, we're going to order yet another pizza from Pizza Hut, and hope that our grocery store has restocked their ginger ale. 

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