Saturday, September 28, 2013


I felt the baby move last night.  It was just a little wiggle, but it was definitely not gas.  I'm getting more and more excited about having a new baby, which is awesome because I wasn't feeling particularly pregnant before now.  At least not the glowing, happy pregnant I was last time.  I want to hit some rummage sales to get some new baby clothes, but D is not one for rummaging.  Every time we've tried to stop somewhere with kid stuff, he freaks out when we leave because he wants ALL THE TOYS.  Luckily, Eli is coming home next week, so maybe he'll be willing to hang with D for a while so I can go shopping.  I've been really enjoying spending time with D again.  We went to the park the other day, and he played for a full two hours before we had to head home for dinner.  I took a lot of pics for Eli, but somehow when I moved my SD card to my new phone, those pics disappeared.  I'm really sad about that because there were some great pics in there, including a couple of smiling mommy/baby pictures.  Oh well, I guess we'll have to go back tomorrow and try again.  I did get a picture of him wearing his sunglasses like me.  It's been really sunny and nice here, so I've spent a lot of time with sunglasses on top of my head.  D seems to have noticed.  He's started mimicking everything he sees and hears.  It seems like he's growing so much faster now that I'm spending all my time with him.  I can't tell if he's really moving that fast, or if I'm just around to notice now.  Either way, I feel like Eli is missing a lot.  

We're working on D using a straw without dousing himself with whatever liquid is in the cup.  He's used to a sippy cup that he can tip upside down without it spilling.  We went to Outback Steakhouse the other day and he spilled milk on himself (and the booster chair, and the booth, and me, and the floor...) three separate times.  I decided that he's old enough to learn, so I bought him some of the same kind of sippy cup he already uses but with straws through the lids instead.  He was really excited about the straws, but I didn't realize when I gave him the cup that I hadn't snapped the lid on all the way.  I noticed before he could tip it on himself and tried to fix it.  He was holding the cup with the straw pointing right at his face.  When the lid snapped down, milk shot through the straw and sprayed him.  He looked so surprised with milk dripping down his face, but he wasn't upset.  I couldn't stop laughing.  I was trying to be calm and reassuring because he generally doesn't like to be "dirty," but it was really hard while I was shaking from silently laughing.  After that fiasco, I got him a Halloween cup from Target with a lid that twists on and a spirally crazy straw that he can't pull out.  So far, that's been the cup that's worked the best.  D still pulls the original sippy cup straws out of the drawer and chases the cat around with them, but he's forgiven me for squirting him. 

Here's D looking fabulous with his green sunglasses on crooked:
So fabulous.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sometimes you just need a hot towel.

We're home and happy.  D and I have been back about a week, and the jetlag has finally eased.  We both slept well last night and got up refreshed.  I supposed I should start at the beginning and say that my baby is a champion flyer.  Our flight left India at 2am (as it always does), which is problematic for a tired two-year-old.  To compound the difficulty, the airport doesn't let anyone enter after 11pm, even if your flight isn't until 2am.  So to actually make our flight, we had to leave our house at 9:30pm, just three and a half short hours after D went to bed.  How much sleep did I get you ask?  Well on the day of our flight, I got up at 6am with D, then took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, and that was it.  We got the car loaded and set off for the airport.  I needed Eli's credit card to pay for the extra baggage, but he wasn't allowed into the airport since he wasn't flying (another awesome rule).  The guards with large guns outside were not sympathetic.  Eli had to wait while I ran in and got our tickets, then we had to meet at the doorway to exchange credit cards and phones.  He wasn't allowed in, and I wasn't allowed back out.  It made for a quick and tense goodbye.  Despite that, the situation was going pretty smoothly at that point.  We were escorted to the executive lounge where we always wait, and D got all excited for the little rolls they had set out along with the rest of the food.  We snacked and sat for a while, but that only took us about a half hour of the 3 hour wait we had before us.  Of course, being 2, D didn't think he was at all tired and wanted to run around playing with the outlets and lamps.  I was tired, nauseated from dinner, and uncomfortable in an upright position.  So of course I chased him around for close to two hours.  At that point, nothing was good enough for him and he threw tantrum after tantrum because he just wanted to lay down somewhere dark and quiet.  There was nowhere that met those requirements in the area where we were waiting.  It was a long wait.  The escort finally came back and collected us for boarding.  We passed through the second security check point and cut in front of the long line of people waiting to board the plane.  This is nothing new.  It happens every time we fly out of India.  I'm not sure if it's because I had D, we had business class tickets, or we were white.  It honestly could have been any of those.  Once on the plane, D settled down. The attendants handed out warm towels to people, but I declined.  Once D saw that the people around him had towels to play with, he wanted one.  He started asking loudly for a hot towel (it sounded like "hot toe" and was very confusing for the people around us).  When I told him no, he insisted on pulling out his tray and patting it several times while giving me a look that clearly stated he would like his hot towel now please.  I tried telling him that they said "hot towel" not "hot dog," but he just looked at me like I was an idiot.  Shortly after that, we had to buckle in so they could get ready to take off.  D passed out before we even started to taxi.  To my great surprise, nothing woke him up.  He slept for several hours (I got a few hours in too once the attendants stopped trying to give me stuff).  When he woke up, he was hungry, but I had stashed a couple of packages of peanuts because I am psychic like that.  He was very happy eating them and tossing them all over the floor.  They served breakfast not long after that, and he ate like a champ.  He didn't spill food.  He told me what he wanted and cleaned up neatly when he was done.  After that, we walked the aisles for a while and then it was time to sleep again.  He slept all the way to lunch, which was served about three hours before we landed.  This time, they gave us both our trays at the same time, and D was still on his best behavior.  No mess, no stress.  He did not like the chicken parmesan.  I ate both pieces of chicken and regretted it later. Overall, it was the most he's ever slept on a plane, and he was so well behaved that the guy across the aisle complimented him when we landed.  Once home, we both napped until Eli's parents arrived to help out. 

The last week has been both extremely tiring and totally awesome.  I've adjusted to being D's primary caregiver again with no problems.  Now that we're both sleeping normally again, I'm even happier.  There are so many things about the States that I missed besides the food, and every day I find something new.  Eli is getting by okay without us in India, but he's lonely.  I, on the other hand, have plans with people I've missed.  The company is planning to send Eli back to Milwaukee for a few weeks in October, so we'll see each other soon.  I'm sure he'll appreciate being able to fly business class without a toddler for once. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

To sum up

Just a quick post to keep everyone up to date.  D and I are heading home in one week.  I have everything except half a suitcase packed, so we're all set on that front.  I just got a new blood test done, and my TSH levels (the thyroid stuff I'm having a problem with) are still a little high.  They're much closer to normal now, but I think the doctor is going to adjust my medication again.  We had a second ultrasound as well (this is how they do exams in India), and everything is normal and right on track.  That was a huge relief because I've been extremely worried about the hypothyroidism and my inability to eat very much.  Most of the general nausea is gone at this point, but if I try to eat something my body doesn't want, it immediately kicks back into high gear.  I have plenty of cravings and I'm hungry a lot, but the things I want aren't available here.  The same problem I've been having.  I'm really looking forward to eating like a normal pregnant woman in another week.  I've lost more weight.  I'm now down 10 pounds from when we found out we were pregnant.  Despite that, my belly has popped out a little, and since it's firm, I'm assuming it's baby rather than very tenacious fat.  I start my second trimester on Monday. 

D seems to have no idea that things are changing, but he did freak out when he opened the suitcase in his room and found his pillow in there.  He's listening pretty well now for a change, so I hope corralling him for the flight won't be too hard.  I desperately need him to sleep for a while on the plane, but I recognize that he doesn't care what I desperately need.  He's slept longer and longer for each international flight we've taken, so I hope we'll get more than 6 hours this time.  Weirdly enough, I'm really looking forward to the cheese wedges they always have on the plane.  Eli claims that if I want some, all I have to do is ask.  In business class, they'll go out of their way to provide me with cheese wedges even if they aren't serving food.  I hope he's right.  In the mean time, we're going to order yet another pizza from Pizza Hut, and hope that our grocery store has restocked their ginger ale.