Thursday, July 11, 2013


We've already announced it on Facebook, so that makes it official.  We're pregnant with baby #2 and due March 17th.  I'm so excited that I still can't believe it's real.  Then I switch over to freaked out because all my happy pregnancy memories involved being in the States.  Then I'm back to excited because we get a new baby!  That incessant back and forth was enough to convince me that I'm pregnant even if I wasn't sleeping 20 hours a day and constantly snacking for the other 4.  I decided to make a post addressing a lot of the questions I'm getting.  I've made an appointment with a doctor here for pre-natal care.  The plan is to have her coordinate with my doctor at home until I get back.  Right now, I'm not changing my dates for coming home.  I still intend to be back around Christmas, and Eli will follow around the first of February.  The Everest trip is scrapped for me because of the low oxygen at that altitude.  I maintain that I could handle the hiking, but Eli's is right about the oxygen problem.  That means there's a free spot if anyone wants to fly out and go with Eli.  Otherwise, he's just going to try to get a refund for my spot.  He's still planning to go.  We want to find out the sex, but we're not sure if we'll be able to.  Technically, it's illegal to find out the sex of the baby during an ultrasound here, but we're going to try to bribe someone to "accidentally" let it slip.  I feel great with very little nausea, but I'm only a little over 4 weeks pregnant, so there's plenty of time for the throwing up later.  I'm still doing the 30DS, and I plan to keep doing it until the second trimester or until I don't have the energy, whichever comes first.  I did switch back to doing the easier moves though, and I'm paying a lot of attention to how I feel so I don't overdo it.  We've already started a list of names, so if you have a suggestion, please let us know (despite Eli's assurance, I am not considering Danger as a middle name).  We're still planning to sell the house and move when we get home, and we still don't know which city we'll be moving to until contract renegotiations.  Ideally, we'll sell the house quickly, and the company will love the idea of Eli telecommuting.  Then it's goodbye Wisconsin winters and hello Florida sunshine.  D already loves babies, so we hope that will translate to the new one.  We were in the pool this morning and he walked over to me, pull my tank-style bathing suit up to expose my belly and started pointing at it and saying baby.  He also gives my belly kisses when we're cuddling on the couch.  Such an awesome big brother already.

Since I've been spending so much time in bed, I've gotten a lot of crocheting done.  I have some pics of two projects I just finished, one for sale and one for my soon-to-be new little niece out in Cali.  I've also started yet another project for a pregnant friend (it seems to be going around).  :)

My little ninja buddy, complete with throwing star.

An Amish puzzle ball for Zeke and Jenny.

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