Friday, July 26, 2013

I hear it's hard to get puke out of keyboards.

Morning (read: all the time) sickness is kicking my butt.  The best part is I haven't actually thrown up, but I constantly feel like I'm going to hurl.  I figure that will make it hard to get to the bathroom if I ever do actually throw up because it'll come with no new warning.  This (and the fact that I'm dizzy and feel like crap) are the reasons I've been away from the blog so long.  Don't worry.  I felt the exact same way with D, so this is normal for me.  The real downside is that the few foods that sound appetizing aren't available in this country.  As an example, I have half a chocolate birthday cake in the fridge, but every time I think about eating some my nausea bubbles up.  Chocolate cake, guys.  Mostly I've just been eating peanut butter toast, apples, and rainbow rotini pasta.  Our first prenatal appointment is next Saturday, and I'm both hesitant and excited.  I really need this appointment to just be a normal prenatal visit like my ones in America, but I'm anxious because I'm pretty sure it won't be.  Through sheer willpower, I've managed to keep doing the 30DS every day except yesterday.  I didn't even get out of bed until the nanny left at 5 yesterday, and I went straight back to bed after we put D down at 7.  I think D will forgive me for not playing with him as much as usual for one day.  I'm pretty sure the hormones are going strong because I'm getting increasingly frustrated at our help.  They let D play with the electronics and DVDs even though I've told them not to let him (he cries and they just give in because they think I'll get upset if D's crying), but they won't let him play dress-up with Eli's shoes.  I just don't understand that.  Then again, I got VERY territorial the last time I was pregnant, and I was easily annoyed anytime things didn't go the way I wanted them to.  I could maybe solve the annoyance by spending the day with D, but that makes paying the nanny redundant and I'm just really glad to be able to lay in bed all day when I feel like crap.  First world problems in a third world country.  It's only for a few more months anyway (less than 5), and I'll be home alone with a two-year-old and complaining about a whole different set of problems. 

In less negative news, I have a couple of new projects I'm about to start, so hopefully I'll have pics of those soon.  Also, I really am very happy that I'm pregnant.  Eli and I joke about how lucky we are a couple of times a week.  D is an amazing little dude, and he gets smarter every day.  And when the nanny pulls his hair back into a ponytail (because he needs a haircut) he looks just like me.  It's uncanny.

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