Friday, July 26, 2013

I hear it's hard to get puke out of keyboards.

Morning (read: all the time) sickness is kicking my butt.  The best part is I haven't actually thrown up, but I constantly feel like I'm going to hurl.  I figure that will make it hard to get to the bathroom if I ever do actually throw up because it'll come with no new warning.  This (and the fact that I'm dizzy and feel like crap) are the reasons I've been away from the blog so long.  Don't worry.  I felt the exact same way with D, so this is normal for me.  The real downside is that the few foods that sound appetizing aren't available in this country.  As an example, I have half a chocolate birthday cake in the fridge, but every time I think about eating some my nausea bubbles up.  Chocolate cake, guys.  Mostly I've just been eating peanut butter toast, apples, and rainbow rotini pasta.  Our first prenatal appointment is next Saturday, and I'm both hesitant and excited.  I really need this appointment to just be a normal prenatal visit like my ones in America, but I'm anxious because I'm pretty sure it won't be.  Through sheer willpower, I've managed to keep doing the 30DS every day except yesterday.  I didn't even get out of bed until the nanny left at 5 yesterday, and I went straight back to bed after we put D down at 7.  I think D will forgive me for not playing with him as much as usual for one day.  I'm pretty sure the hormones are going strong because I'm getting increasingly frustrated at our help.  They let D play with the electronics and DVDs even though I've told them not to let him (he cries and they just give in because they think I'll get upset if D's crying), but they won't let him play dress-up with Eli's shoes.  I just don't understand that.  Then again, I got VERY territorial the last time I was pregnant, and I was easily annoyed anytime things didn't go the way I wanted them to.  I could maybe solve the annoyance by spending the day with D, but that makes paying the nanny redundant and I'm just really glad to be able to lay in bed all day when I feel like crap.  First world problems in a third world country.  It's only for a few more months anyway (less than 5), and I'll be home alone with a two-year-old and complaining about a whole different set of problems. 

In less negative news, I have a couple of new projects I'm about to start, so hopefully I'll have pics of those soon.  Also, I really am very happy that I'm pregnant.  Eli and I joke about how lucky we are a couple of times a week.  D is an amazing little dude, and he gets smarter every day.  And when the nanny pulls his hair back into a ponytail (because he needs a haircut) he looks just like me.  It's uncanny.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


We've already announced it on Facebook, so that makes it official.  We're pregnant with baby #2 and due March 17th.  I'm so excited that I still can't believe it's real.  Then I switch over to freaked out because all my happy pregnancy memories involved being in the States.  Then I'm back to excited because we get a new baby!  That incessant back and forth was enough to convince me that I'm pregnant even if I wasn't sleeping 20 hours a day and constantly snacking for the other 4.  I decided to make a post addressing a lot of the questions I'm getting.  I've made an appointment with a doctor here for pre-natal care.  The plan is to have her coordinate with my doctor at home until I get back.  Right now, I'm not changing my dates for coming home.  I still intend to be back around Christmas, and Eli will follow around the first of February.  The Everest trip is scrapped for me because of the low oxygen at that altitude.  I maintain that I could handle the hiking, but Eli's is right about the oxygen problem.  That means there's a free spot if anyone wants to fly out and go with Eli.  Otherwise, he's just going to try to get a refund for my spot.  He's still planning to go.  We want to find out the sex, but we're not sure if we'll be able to.  Technically, it's illegal to find out the sex of the baby during an ultrasound here, but we're going to try to bribe someone to "accidentally" let it slip.  I feel great with very little nausea, but I'm only a little over 4 weeks pregnant, so there's plenty of time for the throwing up later.  I'm still doing the 30DS, and I plan to keep doing it until the second trimester or until I don't have the energy, whichever comes first.  I did switch back to doing the easier moves though, and I'm paying a lot of attention to how I feel so I don't overdo it.  We've already started a list of names, so if you have a suggestion, please let us know (despite Eli's assurance, I am not considering Danger as a middle name).  We're still planning to sell the house and move when we get home, and we still don't know which city we'll be moving to until contract renegotiations.  Ideally, we'll sell the house quickly, and the company will love the idea of Eli telecommuting.  Then it's goodbye Wisconsin winters and hello Florida sunshine.  D already loves babies, so we hope that will translate to the new one.  We were in the pool this morning and he walked over to me, pull my tank-style bathing suit up to expose my belly and started pointing at it and saying baby.  He also gives my belly kisses when we're cuddling on the couch.  Such an awesome big brother already.

Since I've been spending so much time in bed, I've gotten a lot of crocheting done.  I have some pics of two projects I just finished, one for sale and one for my soon-to-be new little niece out in Cali.  I've also started yet another project for a pregnant friend (it seems to be going around).  :)

My little ninja buddy, complete with throwing star.

An Amish puzzle ball for Zeke and Jenny.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Natural 20.

Stupid Blogger deleted all the blogs I was following.  Eli asked if I had a list somewhere.  I said yes, the list was on Blogger. 

So Eli had his second vasectomy on July 4th.  Just a word of advice: do not use the hospital we went to.  We had an appointment for Wednesday, July 3rd for the surgery, but it turns out that after waiting several hours that appointment was just to see the doctor for five minutes.  He then told us to come back the next day at 11am.  We shrugged it off and went to the pool.  The next morning, we arrived at 10:40 and were asked to wait again.  We spent an hour in the main waiting area, then were escorted upstairs to the "daycare," the area where outpatients are brought after (and apparently before) surgery.  They had Eli dress up in this fabulous salmon-colored shirt and pants combo, then we waited for another 45 minutes.  I was starving because I hadn't eaten yet, so when they kicked me out to do a little trimming on Eli's entire bottom half, I went to the hospital food court.  Before I left, they told me to stay in the waiting room, and they'd come get me when Eli was out of surgery.  I assumed that meant he was going into surgery.  I was wrong.  I got back to the waiting room around 1pm.  I sat there crocheting and playing games on my tablet until 6:15.  I joined him in the daycare, and we were told we had to wait for the doctor to come do some final check.  About fifteen minutes passed, then the nurse told me I had to go downstairs and pay the remainder of our fee before Eli will get the okay to leave.  I spent another 30 minutes waiting for the one guy in the billing office to take our money.  When I got back, the doctor hadn't been in yet, but the nurse said we were free to go.  It was very confusing for both of us because we hadn't gotten any instructions on what to do once we got home, medications, changing dressings, physical limitations, nothing.  They only told us we had to come back in three days (on Sunday, more on that later) to get the dressings removed.  We never saw the doctor again.  I was not impressed at that point, and I told Eli that if I needed medical care to take me to the other hospital with the nice children's doctor.  Eli says the actual surgery was very quick and professional, but I beg to differ.  Here's what I wasn't present for. He decided on local anesthetic, so when he was finally wheeled into the OR, they stuck him several times in his manly bits with needles.  I was already cringing when he was telling me this after, but it got a lot worse.  The doctor waited maybe 5 or 10 seconds then started cutting.  Just to be clear: Eli was not numb.  He said he was screaming that it hurt, but doctor just ignored him and kept going.  Let's all take a moment to think about that experience.  

The entire surgery was something like 48 minutes, and Eli could feel everything for the first 10 minutes.  Not cool.  I told him we should demand our money back for the anesthetic if they weren't going to let it take effect.  I was only half kidding.  So Eli proceeds to call the driver on Sunday and head back over to the hospital in the morning (since appointment times are apparently useless).  He gets there and finds out that the hospital is closed on Sundays and there are no doctors available.  This just added to the idea that the hospital was crap.  He came home and removed the bandages himself, then emailed our contact at the hospital (on Sunday night).  She emailed him back at 10:30am Monday morning to tell him he had an appointment at 11:30am and ignored all his questions.  He didn't get the email until 5:30pm when he sat down at his computer.  Useless system.  We still don't know if the stitches need to be removed by a doctor or if they'll dissolve on their own. 

I don't know how Eli isn't traumatized by this experience.  To offer some kind of balm to your shattered nerves, here is a picture of D after he found Eli's stash of gaming dice.

Roll for initiative.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Everything can be procrastination if you try hard enough.

How long is it supposed to take before major life changes feel normal?  I spent the last 11 years working toward a specific goal, and in May, I reached it.  I've worked out a couple more goals, and I've started working toward them, but I still feel like I'm procrastinating.  It's strange.  Add to that, I'm essentially in a waiting pattern until October/November when Eli's company starts contract renegotiations.   I know I'm moving forward, but it feels like I'm running in place.  So it goes.

Here are some pics of D being the cutest baby model ever and showing off the blanket I made for Rocket:

Happy squinty baby.
Doing his Vanna White impression.

And my latest creation, Squishy the Jellyfish:

D loves "helping" me with photo shoots.  And by "helping" I mean running away with the subject.

Happy jellyfish is happy.

I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine.

Squishy is the first thing I've made entirely from my own pattern.  It took some trial and error, but I have it down now (and I wrote it down so I won't lose it).  Maybe I'll actually have some products to put in my Etsy store soon.  I'll write about it when the time comes for that.