Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You could see how he got it confused.

Just a quick post today since I'm suffering from jet lag and want to take a nap.  D was great on the plane and we had very few problems getting back to our apartment.  I realized I left food in the microwave back home, but that's easy enough to fix.  It was crazy hot in our apartment when we arrived, but we cranked all the ACs to 21 (that's degrees in Celsius) and it quickly cooled down.  Well, every room except our bedroom.  That AC is just blowing warm air, which is not really helping me to not sweat.  There's a guy coming to fix it today, but sleeping in there last night sucked.

I got an early start this morning  and was feeling all proud of myself for getting to the store first thing (since we had no food in the kitchen).  We got to the mall that has my usual grocery store for when I need to buy a lot of stuff, and I went in.  Only to realize that it was 10am and nothing opened until at least 11.  So I called the driver and we went to the store by my house where I bought half of my groceries.  We'll have to get the other half tonight.  Welcome back to India.

On the plane, shortly after takeoff, Eli, D, and I were snacking on peanuts while the attendants got food ready.  D dropped some peanuts on his tray, so Eli told him to "grab your peanuts."  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw D's hand move, but not toward the tray.  Eli started snorting and laughing.  He could barely say, "No, I said peanuts, not penis."  I started laughing, so Eli looked at me and explained: "he immediately grabbed his junk."  I couldn't speak so I just nodded.  D thought it was awesome that he made both his parents crack up by grabbing himself.  So awesome that he tried it again, but it must not have been as good with us already laughing because he stopped at that point.  That was the highlight of my trip. 


Nicole Mefferd said...

If he had more words I'm almost positive he would've said, "These nuts?".

Raedyn said...

Yes. Yes, he would.