Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm only interesting in India.

I've come to the terrible conclusion that I only have things to say while in another country.  I actually have two blog posts that I've been working on, but I'm finding it really hard to work on them now that I'm in the States.  Partly, that's the fault of the jet lag, but some little bit is because I don't have any big insights.  Except I did.  Today on the way home from the gym.

I heard Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away" for the first time this morning.  Normally, I listen to all kinds of music, but I've been on a country kick since coming back.  I've also had the totally normal urge to leave the radio on all day long because I've missed American music so much.  Even the commercials.  So it turns out this song came out last summer, but I live under a rock.  It's been raining all morning, and I guess Oklahoma was in the back of my mind.  As I pulled into the driveway, the chorus started.  I turned the radio up because the music was catchy, but the lyrics made me give the radio the side-eye.  Here's a snippet:

There’s not enough rain in Oklahoma
To wash the sins out of that house
There’s not enough wind in Oklahoma
To rip the nails out of the past
Shatter every window till it’s all blown away,
Every brick, every board, every slamming door blown away
Till there’s nothing left standing,

You can see why I'd think it was weird.  I wondered if this was one of those benefit songs, but it seemed way too angry for that.  I Googled it when I came inside and discovered further proof that yes indeed, I still live under a rock.  So in the end, I suppose it was just strange timing, or a poor sense of humor on the radio host's part.  It did make me wonder two things though.  Why are so many of Carrie Underwood's songs about revenge, and why do I enjoy songs about revenge so much?  

In other news, I finished the second round of the 30DS with more results than last time.  I lost a few inches over all and another couple of pounds.  I'm up to a total of 10 pounds lost and my pants are loose again.  So yay for that.  I decided to switch back to straight cardio for the couple of weeks that we're here, then reevaluate.  I'll probably start a third round of the Shred because I love the muscle tone I'm starting to see.  Also, I sort of have abs for the first time ever.  While I've been trying to lose weight, Eli has been trying to gain it.  He lost so much weight in India from the lack of his kind of fast food that none of his pants fit.  We would have fried chicken for dinner, then Eli would want to go to KFC for dessert.  I went along because it was the only place in the country, as far as I could tell, that sold fountain Diet Coke.  Since coming back, I've gained about a pound, but that's because I haven't been paying much attention to what I'm eating.  For instance, I had like half a danish yesterday.  I don't mean one of those little circle danishes you get at Starbucks.  I mean the rectangular pound of danish you buy at the grocery store.  As most of you know, those things are my nemesis.  I don't know what went through my mind when I bought it, but I'm clearly sabotaging myself.  I need someone to come over and take away the rest of the danish.  Wait... be right back.  Okay, I got rid of the danish in a way that didn't involve me eating it.  There's nothing like sharing your fitness journey with all your friends and family to create a sense of accountability.  And, I guess I was wrong about having nothing to say.

Here's a picture from Sunday for those of you who couldn't make it to my graduation. 
I don't understand the hat either.

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