Friday, April 5, 2013

Stabby tree is stabby.

We were outside playing with D (roll the ball down the hill, race after it screaming at the top of his lungs, bring it back, repeat), and he got going a little too fast for his flailing legs.  He tripped and landed in a patch of flowers at the base of a tree, but what we didn't see was the pointy trunk bits hidden by the flowers.  He damn near skewered himself sideways.  He was crying, I was upset because he was bleeding.  Eli was trying to calm us down by pointing out that it stabbed him through his shirt so there probably wouldn't be dirt in the wound.  It wasn't helping that much.  After a few minutes we both calmed down and played for a while longer.  D refused to go near any of the trees unless he was holding one of our hands.  Poor baby.

I make a to-do list every night before I go to bed because it calms the chaos a bit and makes it easier for me to actually do the things on the list the next day.  Today, my to-do list was thus:
  • work out
  • study
  • Hindi class
  • shower (I put this on here so I can always cross one thing off)
  • play WoW
It's both sad and awesome.  Awesome because that's really all I *have* to do today.  Sad because I want the list to be much longer.  Here's what my ideal to-do list would look like:
  • work out
  • shower
  • hang with Rocket
  • toddler play group
  • play WoW
  • craft project
  • lunch with the sis-in-law
  • shopping for new, smaller jeans
  • volunteer with D at the animal shelter
  • board games with Serun et al.
  • volleyball
  • free drinks at the sponsor bar
Busier, but more my style.   I like to stay busy, and I love spending time with the people in my life.  This is a totally doable list if us, Rocket, the sis-in-law, and Serun et al. all lived in the same general area.  I guess I'll just do what I can until the waiting period in India is over.

*Warning: if you've never played WoW, this will probably make no sense to you.*Actual conversation between Eli and me:
Me: Ding! "I leveled from punching Deathwing in the face!"
Eli (without looking up from his phone game): "Obviously.  You should get two levels."
Me: Nods in agreement.  We go back to our respective games.
This is why I married him.

We officially set a diss defense date for Friday, April 19th.  I'll know in two weeks if I'm actually graduating or not.  We're having a party either way, but it will be way more awkward for me if it's a "sorry that you aren't graduating" party instead of a "you now have to call me doctor" party.  Either way free food and booze.

Today marks day 28 of the 30DS.  During the first week, I started putting stickers on my calendar for every day I did my workout.  I'm super proud of looking at the March calendar and seeing all the stickers.  I plan to get even more in April.  While level 3 is still very hard, I've reached the point where I can finish it without collapsing.  Some might say that means I'm doing it wrong, but I choose to see it as a sign of growth.  I'm excited to see what happens when I go back to level 1.  Will the moves be extra hard again or will I be noticeably stronger?  I'll throw up an extra update this week with my measurements and maybe some pics after I've finished the full 30 days.

Earlier this week, D and I went on a stroll through the gardens so I could take pics of the flowers here.  I've included some of them below along with a couple of fun ones.

How do I get this thing in my mouth?

Olives are delicious, but only if I can eat them off my fingers.

We're gonna put this french fry right here in Daddy's pocket for later.

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