Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Full-blown, Rocky-style sit-ups.

I've finished the 30 Day Shred, and I am here to report results.  I want to start by saying that I feel better, stronger.  I'm proud of myself for finishing the full 30 days no matter the results.  With that said, the results weren't what I was expecting.  From the research I'd done before, I expected to lose inches but not pounds.  Turns out I work backward because I lost pounds but not inches.  In total, I lost 7 pounds over the last 30 days, but the only change in my measurements was in my waist and belly.  I lost an inch in each place.  Everything else stayed the same.  We did take before and after pics, but there isn't much of a visual change so I'll spare you all the view of me in a sport bra and shorts.  I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed in these results, but I'm really happy with the 7 pounds.  My end goal has always been to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again, not to have better numbers.  By the end of the 30 days, I could do the moves noticeably easier.  Because I'm not the type of person to give up after one try, I decided to do the program a second time, without breaks.  Today was the first day of round two.  In revisiting level 1, I confirmed that I was stronger because the moves I couldn't do the first time around were possible on the first day this time.  Even if the only change I see is a bit more weight loss, I'll be happy with that after another 30 days. 

This in no way means that the program doesn't work.  It just means that it works differently for me than it might for other people.  There is nothing about exercising every day that is bad for you; it can only help. 

I wanted to hit on another subject that's related to this one.  Weight Watchers.  I've been a member of WW since October of 2004.  I've been a Lifetime member since June of 2005, meaning that I hit my goal weight and maintained that weight for six weeks.  In all the time between then and my pregnancy in 2011, I've stayed at my goal weight.  Technically, I'm still a Lifetime member, but I'm sort of cheating because they have my account on hold at the moment due to me being in India.  WW doesn't have a presence here, so they can't require me to weigh-in once a month.  As long as I'm still within my goal weight range when I get back, I stay a Lifetime member.  There are two problems with this.  One, I'm not at my goal weight.  I was 13 pounds above my upper limit when I started 30DS, and I still have 5 pounds to lose to get to that point.  Two, India isn't exactly WW-friendly.  There isn't a lot here that is low- or non-fat.  All the foods that I depend on to keep my points down aren't available here.  You know what is available?  Butter.  Oil.  Chips.  Cookies.  Cheese.  Regular fountain soda (Diet is extra because it's always from a can).  We have a cook who now understands that I'm trying to lose weight, but she thinks I'm too skinny already and constantly pushes food on me.  Veggies and fruits are good, but the ones I normally buy are super expensive.  I've had to adjust to the higher points meals by not snacking during the day or eating after dinner, no matter how hungry I am.  Let me be clear, our grocery store is also a bakery.  I am within easy walking distance of bakery-fresh pastries at all times.  Every time I go shopping, I have to resist the urge to buy things that I shouldn't be eating.  To make matters more difficult, Eli insisted on bringing several huge, 3-pound cans of nacho cheese, chips, mac and cheese, etc.  The things he likes to eat, but I have to limit.  I have a hard time not having nacho cheese and chips for dinner every time I have a day off.  Trying to lose weight in India has been incredibly difficult for me, but I think I'm making some good changes in my life.  I doubt those changes will transfer to the States though.  We'll be back in Wisconsin for three weeks, and Eli and I are already having the "I can't wait to eat..." conversations.  If I gorge myself for three weeks, I'll erase all the hard work I've done here.  Hopefully, the memory of Jillian kicking my arse every day will be enough to convince me that eating at Sonic for three days in a row is a bad idea.  Also, I only need one cupcake at a time.  One.  I wonder if I can work something out with Gigi's so that they'll only sell me one per day.  I'll have to think on that more later.  There's something I keep repeating to myself when I find it particularly hard, or like today, when I'm faced with less progress than I thought I'd made.  Dani from the latest season of The Biggest Loser said it early on in the season.  "I'm not here to get skinny; I'm here to get strong." 

Since I'm not leaving you with pictures of my flab, I thought I'd give you something else to enjoy:

You're welcome.

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