Sunday, March 31, 2013

They make more sense in context.

Here is a short collection of the thoughts I remembered to write down over the last week:
  • I'm surrounded by food pushers. 
  • D walked into a wall of cardboard.  LOL.
  • I need to write a story about the Ginger Rage.
  • WoW makes me crave pop-tarts.
  • Pandas speak Engrish.
  • Eli's laptop got stolen, but at least he got McDonald's.
  • D kissed me goodnight on his own to tell me he was ready for bed.
  • "Playing Holi" apparently means spitting water all over the living room and cackling gleefully.
  • I just need a little WoW in my life.
  • I stepped in pee.
  • Jumping jacks with 5 pound weights in each hand are hard.
  •  I like that they call it Graduation Regalia.  I feel like I'm wearing a tier set.
Along with those little gems, I have a few stories for you.  Eli's laptop bag got stolen on Friday.  Here are the details as we know them.  Eli had the driver stop at McDonald's at one of the big malls here on his way home from work.  He left his laptop bag in the car with the driver and went in for about 10 minutes.  When he came out and got in the car, he noticed that the laptop bag was gone.  The driver was parked on the road and swears he never left the car.  He tried to say that Eli never had the laptop bag.  That was disproved by finding the surveillance videos from his office and the mall.  Eli then spent seven hours with the police trying to figure out what happened.  The answer is that someone took his laptop bag out of the backseat of the car while the driver was sitting in it.  The bag contained his work laptop, checkbooks from three different banks, his passport, and our FRRO papers (the paperwork we have to carry around with us at all times that says we're legally in the country).  We're in touch with the embassy, and we're already working on getting a new passport for Eli and new FRRO papers.  It's a pain, but it could have been worse.  Eli lost a lot of work on the laptop, but he can redo it.  We're just glad that nothing bad happened to Eli.  I know a lady (another ex-pat) whose husband was killed during a mugging.  They pulled him out of his car while it was stopped at an intersection.  Terrible stuff, this.

In better news, we had an entire wall of empty cardboard boxes in our apartment for over a week, and at one point, D walked right into it.  He was trying to walk forward while looking over his shoulder at the tv, and he smacked right into the boxes.  He bounced off and stared at the boxes with suspicion.  It was hilarious.  I only regret that I didn't get it on film. 

In amazing news, my dissertation is currently being read by my committee and we're trying to schedule my defense for a Friday in late April.  This means that as long as I pass my defense, I graduate on May 19th.  This also means that we're having a huge ass party at our house on May 19th.  Go me.

This past Wednesday was a holiday here in India called Holi.  It's the one where everyone throws color at each other and then plays in the sprinklers and dances for hours.  Eli and I went down to our complex's celebration and took some pictures.  A nice older man graciously covered us in pink and invited us to dance.  We only stayed a little bit because we had the camera and there really was color and water flying everywhere.  It looked like something our group of friends would enjoy on a summer day.

I started level 3 of 30DS, and it's both easier and harder than level 2.  I felt like there were no moves that I could DO in level 2.  Everything was a struggle.  There are moves in level 3 that I'm comfortable with, but then there's this whole jumping section that makes me think I might fall on my face and break my smoulder.  I've decided that I hate plyo, and I hate the super jumper in the back row of the video.  I think her name is Natalie.  I've also decided that once I finish this round of 30DS (day 23!) I'm going to start over again.  I'll probably take one day off, but I want to see how it goes the second time around.  I've lost 6 pounds in three weeks so far, and I'm really happy with that.  I haven't checked measurements because I want to wait until the end of the 30 days.  

And now, a collection of pictures that I found interesting:
He still loves his Pooh chair.
This bear is delicious.

Kisses for that handsome baby on the other side of the glass.

Our wall of boxes.

I made this little cutie for someone special (I haven't decided who yet).

The duck loves the dragon.  She gives him kisses.

How our apartment complex celebrates Holi.

Eli looks good in pink.

Everyone was covered in bright colors.

It was very bright that day.


Chasing Daddy in our complex's park.

The caption I thought I'd be putting here: right before Daddy kicks him in the face.

The tube slide.

I made this guy because D needs a pet.

The outfit is styling.  It's for Rocket because it has her dog on it.

A bug!  A flower! Grass!  Put all the things in my mouth!

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Nicole Mefferd said...

It's a ruby shirt! I love your tangled reference. And like you, I hate the plyo section of insanity.