Thursday, March 21, 2013

At least he's not animated.

I might have a tiny little crush on Joe from Blue's Clues. It's not like I tune in just to watch him (ahem, the show); I just happen to be in front of Nick Jr. when it comes on. To my great annoyance, Nick Jr. here only offers six shows that they show on repeat over and over again all day: Dora, Diego, Wonder Pets, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, and Blue's Clues.  That list is actually in order of most to least annoying.  Even if I didn't agree with the idea of limiting D's screen time, the sheer annoyance value of the shows has me switching the tv off.  We watch Blue's Clues every evening because it's on during the time between when the Nanny leaves and when we eat dinner.  Eli is usually sleeping or at work, and I like to have a bit of background noise.  I really need to invest in a radio.  It's fun for me because D will actually watch it, so I get a bit of snuggle time with him. 

Our stuff finally arrived on Monday afternoon.  I've been unpacking and putting stuff away all week.  I was pretty annoyed to find that a lot of my office stuff got sent by sea instead of by air as we requested, but that shipment is scheduled to be here the first week of April, so it's not too much longer of a wait.  Our computers made it intact, and we have someone from the internet company coming today to move our router so we can actually use them.  Eli rigged a long Cat-5 cable from the other room so he could play League of Legends this morning on his good comp.  I, on the other hand, was barely able to download World of Warcraft.  It's no joke.  I didn't have it on this comp, so I had to download the entire game at speeds slower than what we had in 1992 with a phone modem.  The timing couldn't have been better though because I sent in the latest revision of my diss maybe thirty minutes before they started bringing up boxes. 

So I was looking forward to having a week off before the comments came back and I'd have to start revising again.  I'd hoped I could play some WoW, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards.  I'm trying to relax until George gets back to me, but it's hard to do.  If he thinks I still need extensive revisions, then there's a good chance I won't be graduating in May.  We're just running out of time.  I have about a week left of time to make any changes he thinks I need, and even at my best, I don't think I could do another full rewrite in a week. This is causing me a significant amount of stress, and the stress is causing strange nightmares where giant praying mantises attack us while we're relaxing on a beach.  I'm not sure if the giant insects represent George or the diss, but either way it's not really helping me rest.

Today marks day 15 of 30DS.  I know, I'm a little behind, but I had to take some days off while my entrails became extrails.  And I had to take another day off when our stuff got here because unpacking is hard work.  There was just no time for Jillian that day.  This week I've added in the challenge of controlling my portion sizes.  Our cook is going nuts because I refuse to finish everything she sets on the table now.  She keeps asking me if we don't like her cooking.  Eli thinks it's funny, but that's only because he isn't around her all day with her hand-wringing. I keep trying to explain to her that it's not healthy for me to eat an entire half a lasagna in one sitting; she never looks convinced.  Eli will ask for something like pot pie, and she'll happily make it (we taught her the recipe so she loves showing off how good she makes it).  The problem is that she uses an entire package of butter just for the crusts.  That's not a problem in and of itself; it becomes a problem when Eli eats one tiny square of it, then wants other food the rest of the week.  Guess who ends up eating the butter-laden pot pie?  That's right, me.  He asked for lasagna and the same thing happened.  I told him we're not making foods for him anymore.  Last night he wanted fried chicken with mashed potatoes (again, full of butter).  I said fine, make me a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with a sliced up cucumber on the side.  We both got what we wanted, and I felt comfortable in my food choices for the meal.  Another thing I'm doing is drinking two glasses of water before I eat, and then two more while I eat.  It's making me pee A LOT, but it's helping me not overeat.  And being hydrated is always a good thing. 

D found his sunglasses in his suitcase while we were moving stuff around on Monday, and he wanted to wear them all day.  So we let him. Because he's awesome like that.  He woke up with a little rash on the back of his neck yesterday, and the Nanny and Cook seemed concerned that it's because we didn't shave his head.  I told them I like his hair the way it is, and the rash was mostly gone today.  I think they're heat bumps from him getting hot at night.  He had a similar problem today where he woke up from his nap an hour early completely soaked in sweat.  Clearly, something needs to change.  Currently, his AC doesn't turn back on when the power cycles like the rest of them do.  I think we need to get someone out to fix it and hope that solves the problem.  What's funny to me about the hair thing is that Eli's co-workers are in awe of his hair.  They say it makes him look like a rock star.  The Nanny said something similar about D when we were having the "do not shave his head" conversation.  Then she said I have boy hair.  Yeah.  We're all rebels here.

Rock star just like his daddy.

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