Friday, March 15, 2013

All my ideas are good.

We found a steakhouse.  In India.  Right next door to our apartment complex.  That's right.  Now we have a German brewery/sausage house (or is it haus?) and a steakhouse within walking distance.  In honor of March 14th, which Eli has declared ValMantine's Day, I took him out for steak last night.  When we sat down, I noticed that they were playing the Glee version of Don't Stop Believing.  It was surreal.  We had very low expectations, and they were blown away.  The steaks were huge and delicious.  They must have been over a pound each.  Even I can't eat that much steak in one sitting.  To add to the awesome, I ordered a Cosmo (not my fav drink, but it's the only one they reliably do well here) and found out that all my vodka-based drinks were free.  I may have overindulged in free Cosmos.  I made Eli take the elevator up one floor so I didn't trip going up the stairs.  I also declared quite loudly during dinner that I loved Rocket and missed her terribly.  See, even inebriated all my ideas are good. 

I had another good idea today, but Eli disagrees.  Another ex-pat on my yahoo group posted about how she needs to find another home for her kitten, Luna.  Clearly, it was meant for us.  It's housebroken, had it's shots, been spayed, and comes with all the accoutrements. The only thing we have to pay for is food and litter.  I want this kitty.  I tried to teach D to say "kitty" over and over again so that when Eli gets home he has to deal with both of us.  Because I'm full of good ideas.  We all miss Onyx, but Eli is hard to convince. 

Speaking of stuff we miss, we got another message from the moving company saying our stuff was in India.  This was the fourth time they've called to tell us this, so we're not holding out hope.  If they're legit this time, we should have our stuff by Monday.  Of course, the message came like four hours after we had to buy Eli some new socks.  He only brought three pairs, and two of those three have huge holes in them now.  I'm trying to stay positive and believe that I'll have some actual clothes to wear by next week.

The timing isn't too bad actually.  I'm finishing up chapter 11 of the diss today, so I only have one chapter left to do over the weekend.  If it works out, I'll be finishing about the same time that all my distractions will arrive.  My gaming computer, my Xbox, my crafty stuff.  I bought the new expansion of WoW a couple of weeks ago, and I'm actually excited to play again without the constant guilt drain of "I should be working on my diss."

Today marks day 11 of 30DS.  I start level 2 today, and I'm leery.  I still can't do the entire level 1 with the weights (there's one move near the end that makes my shoulders feel like they're going to fall off), but I'm going to move up anyway.  I've noticed that my pajama pants are looser, but that could be from constant wear rather than working out.  I'm sure the pound of steak I ate last night is helping with that.


Angela Chiconas said...

So now that you're doing 30DS would you recommend it to a couch potato like me? I was reading up on it and looking at results photos and I feel like it would kick my butt! But then again, I feel like I would get what I want out of it. How bad is it really?

Raedyn said...

It's hard work, and I feel like I'm going to die every single time I finish it. But then, I suppose that's the point, right? It's only 25 minutes total, so even when I think I can't go on, I tell myself it's just a few more minutes and I can power through. You'll want weights and a yoga mat. I'm sure the moves would work to some extent without the weights, but you want your muscles to burn, not to just be tired. And don't, under any circumstances, do it right after you eat. Trust me on this one.

Angela Chiconas said...

Did my first day today! My whole body feels like jello... but that means it IS working! WOOHOO! Thanks for sharing your experiences! It has inspired me to blog about mine :D