Saturday, November 10, 2012

Not if, when.

My brain hurts.  I'm about four sentences away from page 150 of my dissertation (out of 200), and I needed a break.  My brain doesn't hurt because of all the writing.  That was the easy part, which was a surprise, though it shouldn't have been.  My brain hurts because Dante is apparently popping out the rest of his teeth this week.  I'm really thankful that he didn't wait until next week because I may have killed someone on the plane ride home.  As it is, I slept in two hour bunches last night between screaming fits.  It was like having a newborn all over again, but a newborn who is capable of sucker punching you in the face when he doesn't want you touching his gums.  I'll be prepared next time. Our nanny is with him now, and he seems calm, so I'm trying to do my daily writing.  But I'm so tired my mind keeps randomly switching topics mid-sentence.  I did succeed in plotting out the remaining three chapters, and I only have a couple of pages left to write today to hit my goal. 

It hit me today that it's no longer a matter of if I finish my dissertation, it's a matter of when. I did multiple calculations, and at this point I'd have to be dead to not finish the book by the end of November as planned.  Barring the unlikely tragedy that I'm gored by a rabid cow or killed in my sleep by a psychopath (I've been watching a lot of Criminal Minds lately), I'll reach this goal.  That's a great feeling.  I'm trying not to celebrate too early because I don't want to get complacent. 

Adding to that great feeling is that I'm finally getting one of my stories published in a lit journal.  I hadn't submitted anything since 2009, and it made me sad because that was pathetic for someone who professes to want to get work published.  So in between writing sessions, I started sending stories out in the last couple of weeks.  The first response I got was an acceptance.  There's nothing that will work better to convince me to keep submitting than getting accepted. 

It looks like I finally got myself in order.  I'm writing, I'm submitting, I'm blogging regularly, my baby is walking.  All I had to do was remove myself from the known world for a few months.  Go figure.  Time to go finish those pages.

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