Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Slow on purpose.

Dante and I went to a baby playgroup today.  It was fun to talk to other moms, and Dante got to steal toys from other kids for two hours straight, so he was good.  When we got home, I then had to take the housekeeper shopping for the last of the food supplies we needed.  Eli wants lasagna tonight, which meant we needed to buy all the ingredients and the pan for that.  Also I needed some more fruit (the pear hasn't given me typhoid yet).  As a result of all this busy time, I've only been home for a little bit and most of the day is gone. Some of you may remember when you asked me what I would do in India, and I answered that I would write.  This was my intention (and technically I'm writing right now...shut up, it totally counts), but I haven't been able to work on my dissertation at all.  I can offer you a bevy of excuses, but the truth is that I'm just not making the time for it that I need to.  Yesterday, I got an email that I need to send the English department a bio of myself.  I've avoided doing this the last five years mostly due to laziness.  This time, it wasn't a request.  So I cruised over to the department page to see what everyone else had up.  That was my mistake.  I was happy living in ignorant bliss of how unpublished I really am.  Everyone else has very respectable lists of where they've been published, and I'm not even attempting to write, let alone sending stuff off to editors.  It just reinforces my fear that my degree and my writing (they take up two separate entries on my big  To Do list) are becoming less and less important to me.  I can understand the degree becoming less important as my prospects of using it to actually find a job dwindle into single digit percentages.  But my writing has always been high on the list.  When did taking my housekeeper shopping (a task she can clearly do on her own) become more important than playing with my characters?  I used to have so much ambition, now I feel accomplished if Dante hasn't thrown himself off our balcony and I've managed to shower during the course of the day.  Well, I could be playing right now, couldn't I? 

And now, some pictures:

That's right, Fruit Ninja know you want some.

This was in the basement parking of one of the malls, right next to the elevators.  Awesome (if somewhat sexist), right?

This is a pig in the middle of the road, not being run over.

This is the back half of a cow in the road.  We were moving so I couldn't get a full shot.  What you can't see is all the traffic just swerving around the cow like it belonged there.

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Kelly said...

Welcome to being a mom! Yeah, everything else will take a backseat to being a full-time mom. The trick is to use his sleepy time to do whatever you need to. That's the only way I can still make costumes.