Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I'm reading this blog that I used to follow written by a fellow author of paranormal romance, and I can't remember why I stopped reading it.  (Ooo..something shiny!)  Right.  So, she's doing these recaps of Fifty Shades of Grey, chapter by chapter.  I've been of the opinion that the sudden popularity of Fifty Shades does not make it a good book.  I've read my share of erotica, and this is nothing special.  I can recommend a lot of books that are considerably better and contain less abusive overtones.  In a moment of obliviousness, I realized yesterday that E.L. James is a woman.  My subconscious just assumed that an erotica author who doesn't list their full name and glorifies borderline abuse must be male.  I was wrong.  Now don't get me wrong, I have no beef with BDSM lifestyles, but the one described in these books is not healthy.  It's not the bondage, it's the absolute control that Christian has to have over every aspect of Ana's life.  That, my friends, is how episodes of Law and Order: SVU start.  Anyway, this blogger (Jennifer Armintrout, you can find her here) share a similar view, and her posts are hilarious.  I realize many of my friends enjoy these books, so I'm wondering if some of you who have read the series can look through her posts and tell me if she's presenting the book accurately.  Not the snark, I get that.  I mean the actual events of the book.  I know from experience how easy it is to shape events to fit your view of them...I spent 10 years in college writing papers that did just that. 

I had my first fresh fruit today.  The last five days or so have been spent searching shops for things my housekeeper says we need, so I haven't spent much time eating at home, ergo, no fresh anything.  Everyone has warned me to wash the fruits and veggies here before eating them, so I've been hesitant to get any in case I didn't wash it well enough.  I had a pear for lunch, so I guess we'll see in the next day or so if I suddenly contract typhoid (note: I have no idea if you can get typhoid from fruit).  Joy (the housekeeper) is making us an Indian dinner per Eli's request.  This will be our first dinner from her.  She made french toast this morning, and Eli loved it, but it just tasted like fried bread to me.  I realized after eating a few bites that she must have used actual butter to cook the bread.  It's what I do when I make pancakes for Eli, but it has an enormous number of calories so I don't partake.  I just use a little Pam when I make my pancakes.  Honestly, I like the lighter taste better anyway.  So I had butter fried toast for breakfast and my stomach has been rumbling all day from having a week's worth of fat in one sitting.  Eli was happy though.

To add to my fat arse, we went to visit this guy in West Delhi on Sunday who was selling the elliptical machine that is now sitting behind me.  We should have seen it coming but we didn't.  The guy (and his family) expected us to stay for tea and snacks and exchange inane chit chat for a while.  Apparently, this is par for the course here, and if we decline, it's considered the height of rudeness.  Eli and I were both aware that this ritual happened, but we assumed it was only with people you knew, not with people you found on the internet and had just met.  Our bad.  What does this have to do with my fat arse, you ask?  Well, part of the snack ritual involved their 4 year old son bringing us what we assumed were candy bars.  We politely thanked him and got up to go shortly afterward, attempting to leave the candy in the chairs where we were sitting.  The guy's wife noticed and handed them to us so we didn't forget our candy gifts.  In my purse they went.  So far, most of the Indian sweets I've eaten have been "weird," meaning not what I would consider a delicious dessert (not counting the evil dessert bar at the hotel).  Later that evening, I was emptying my purse (as I'm wont to do every evening during my arguably [Eli says yes, I say no] OCD cleaning binge...I can't sleep if the house is untidy), and I pulled out two slightly melted candy bars.  Instead of just throwing them away, I decided to see what they considered a candy bar here.  This is what the package says: "milk chocolate wafer with smooth milk and hazelnut filling."  I can sum up my entire relationship with hazelnut by saying "pirouettes," so I wasn't overly impressed.  Also, I don't really like wafers.  Then Eli goes "so it's like a Twix with hazelnut filling?"  We both stared at the package in question for a moment, then I shrugged and tore it open.  I like Twix (Twixes?  Twix's? Twixi?) well enough, and there's a chance that the wafer was more Kit Kat than dry biscuit.  I took a bite as Eli watched in rapt attention.  Lo and behold, it was really good.  I love milk and hazelnut filling.  It was like a Kit Kat and a Twix made sweet (ha!) love and produced this delicious confection.  And this is why I can't lose weight in India.  People keep giving me deceptively tasty foods that I think I won't eat.  Also because my new elliptical has a different size plug than the sockets in our walls.  Eli is buying a converter today.

We finished season 3 of BBT and have seasons 4 and 5 on tap.  I've also downloaded the first couple of episodes of Glee season 4 and Bones season 8.  Party time tonight.  We've decided that it's just easier to "borrow" the files from a certain site that will not be named (savvy?) instead of attempting to watch Hulu.  Does it count if my only exercise is in frustration?  I'm going with yes...hand me another Twit Kax bar.


Kelly said...

lol! That candy bar sounds really good! All the Indian snacks I've had have been kinda weird/gross too, so it's cool that you found a good one! Hopefully you can get the elliptical working so it balances out. ^_^

Mrs. Savell said...
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Mrs. Savell said...

Handing out candy - sounds like the administration where I work. Too many sugary sweets to avoid!

Since you're downloading/viewing shows online - check out Breaking Bad, airs on AMC. A chemistry teacher with lung cancer decides its in the best interest for his family to manufacture and distribute meth. I found it last week - the 46 episodes is keeping me busy after dark.

Can these be RSS'd? Not quite sure what that means, but I have another equestrian blog that I follow. It shows up in my email under RSS feeds when updated. Facebook doesn't play well with my iOS for some reason and I miss out on friends updates.