Sunday, September 30, 2012

I have my own pineapple guy.

There's this restaurant in one of the malls here called Pirates of Grill.  Seriously, the signs out front say "For Rs349, it's not lunch, it's plunder."  I wanted some plunder, so we went there for dinner a few nights ago.  Turns out, it was a cross between a buffet and a barbeque on a molten hot skewer place.  They had a charcoal skewer grill set up at each table, so they could bring out pre-cooked skewers of stuff, and you rotate it yourself until you think it's done.  Fun, all in all, but they also bring out huge skewers of other stuff that they shave off onto your plate.  One of these skewers was three pineapples that were coated in honey and cinnamon then rotisseried until warm and delicious.  I asked the pineapple guy to come back so many times when we ate dinner that when we showed up for lunch today, the pineapple guy rushed over to our table to shave off an entire pineapple's worth of yummy goodness.  Eli thought it was hilarious that he remembered me.  I was just happy that I didn't have to ask for more pineapple.  Someone tell Adam that we need rotisserie pineapple at Thanksgiving.

Dante has started to do this elephant crawl thing that involves speeding around on his hands and feet with his butt in the air.  He's pretty fast, and usually Eli and I are too busy laughing to stop him from getting into whatever he wasn't supposed to have.  I keep trying to get a video of it, but I've been too late thus far.

Eli and I went into another suburb of Delhi yesterday to visit the home of one of his work friends.  It was a 2 1/2 hour drive, but the couple was really nice.  They're very Americanized, so I felt comfortable hanging out with them.  At the very least, they'd understand if I did something offensive and stupid.  They also clued us in that we're supposed to bring a gift of sweets or something when we visit people's houses along with the tea and awkward conversation ritual.  I figured that last one out as we were turning into their street.  They assured us that the gifts are usually reserved for more formal visits (like when parents come over) rather than friends. We chatted at their place for a bit, then we went to the local mall so I could look for a table lamp that has been eluding me.  I found the lamp (and a clothing store that I want to check out), then we left for a local outdoor market to get a weird appetizer that I will explain later.  While walking around the market, Eli and I encountered a small gang of little girls (maybe 10 years old, tops) who tried to mug us.  One grabbed the water bottle Eli was carrying and tried to run off (putting all 65 pounds of her weight behind the grab), and another tried several times to grab my necklace.  We shooed them away with some help from our Indian friends, but it was a strange experience.  They were giggling the whole time like it was a joke, but they were obviously trying to steal our stuff in broad daylight.  It wasn't even crowded where we were walking around.  They were such poor thieves that Eli and I couldn't really get upset about it, but it was the first time I'd ever been almost mugged by children. 

The weird appetizer scorched my tastebuds, like usual, but it wasn't an unpleasant flavor.  We had to go up to a little cart where a guy was handing out palm-sized plastic trays to the small crowd surrounding him.  He would then pick up a thin, hollow, fried ball of dough or something.  There was a hole in the top, and he would pour this red stuff (some kind of sweet chili sauce) inside the ball, then lean over to a vat with a spigot next to him.  The vat had this pea colored liquid sloshing around inside it, and he put a squirt of the green stuff over the red stuff inside the ball.  He then hands the ball to whoever has their hand and tray out.  You're supposed to eat the liquid-filled ball in one bite, but it was just a bit more than I could fit in my mouth.  Let me be clear, the guy, the stall, and the vat all looked pretty dirty, and all I could think of was that I was going to get typhoid from this, pear or no pear.  He'd already put a ball in my tray though, so I didn't want to be rude to the couple we were with.  I ate it.  It tasted weird, but better than it looked.  Then I needed water right away (hence the reason Eli was carrying around a water bottle when we were psuedo-mugged). 

Later this afternoon, Eli and I are planning to take Dante to check out the rooftop gardens on our building.  I know, we lead such exciting lives...


Nicole Mefferd said...

Rotisserie pineapple, check!

Michelle Savell said...

Going to try the pineapple treat next time I grill!