Sunday, October 2, 2011

I should really be sleeping.

Dante is asleep.  Eli is asleep.  I am working, though I'm not as tired as I think I probably should be.  Then again, judging from that last sentence, I'm more tired than I thought.  (More tired? Tireder? Hmm...)  My students are awesome, and I'm loving the online classes.  Even though D2L is slower than *insert metaphor of choice here*.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more online classes next semester.

I went to Target today for the second day in a row with a crying infant.  It was much better than yesterday.  I almost throat-punched someone in the bodywash aisle yesterday, and that didn't happen today.  For some reason, it appears that my local Target turns into a community meeting place on Saturdays after 5pm.  Women with sideways shopping carts were stopping to chat right in front of the product I needed to grab as I dashed past.  It's hard to dash when there are full-on roadblocks in every aisle.  Dante was not impressed.  Though I think if I had actually throat-punched that woman, he might have been.  I also went to Once Upon A Child today (finally) to get a couple more outfits that Dante will actually fit into.  $60 later, and I may not have to do laundry twice a day.  The find I'm most proud of?  The tiny, light blue, fleecy hat with little bear ears and a chin strap.  Up until now, we only had one hat that fit him, and he likes to shimmy it off his head when he's upset in his carseat.  Lo and behold...chin strap.  I need to document this on film for future blackmail purposes.

Dante is sleeping in his crib (in his own room) for the first time tonight.  Now that we have monitors that work.  I hope he likes it.

i love goldfishes cuz they're so delicious...