Monday, September 26, 2011

Two weeks and all is well.

Tomorrow marks Dante's first two weeks in the world.  He's happily keeping me and Eli awake all night, but we're just happy he's here with us.  He loves his swing (from his Aunt Naomi) and would sleep in it all the time if he could.  He's also fond of peeing all over everything whenever Eli changes his diaper.  We've had to wash the comforter twice in the last week.  Usually it's accompanied by well-timed poop that has Eli flailing.  It would be funny if the comforter wasn't a pain to wash.  I think I may just have him buy me a new one.  So far, Dante is gaining weight (5 pounds 8.5 ounces at last check up) and acting just like a healthy baby is supposed to.  It's quite a relief, but it doesn't negate the horrible "my baby is going to die" dreams I keep having.  Hopefully, those will pass with time and counseling.  Or maybe just lots of ice cream.  I have run out of pain meds, and I'm beginning to think that life really is better with narcotics.  Also, I highly suggest checking the milk before you drink it when you have abdominal issues because sour milk working it's way through your system at that point is *awesome*.  Also also, the hospital has me addicted to apple juice as well as narcotics.  This is really just a weird, all over the place update, most likely attributed to lack of sleep and over-consumption of fruity beverages.  Also also also, my son is freaking adorable.

they didn't have you where i come from
never knew the best was yet to come
life began when i saw your face
and i hear your laugh like a serenade

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