Monday, August 1, 2011

0-12 months? Really?

I'm convinced that baby clothes manufacturers have a secret agenda to make parents lose their schmidt.  I have what I'm told is a large amount of baby clothes that need to be organized in the baby's room.  Now, those of you who have been in my inner sanctum know that I am borderline OCD when it comes to organizing my clothes.  We're talking style, season, color, all neatly hung on matching hangars, and an entire closet dedicated to shoes (also organized according to style, season, and color).  This, of course, does not include my costume closet, which is organized in an entirely different manner.  The goal here is functionality.  I live in a very old house with closets that are a joke.  I have three "real" closets and two wardrobes for all my gear, so it takes some creativity and organization if I actually want to wear all the awesome stuff I buy.  Moving on, the baby has a real closet which is twice the size of my "real" closets.  He also has closet organizers that I'm slightly jealous of.  In the last couple of days, I've been trying to work out a functional, easy system for the baby's clothes that involves his good closet and the lone dresser in his room.  Keep in mind that we have to store things other than adorable onesies in this closet and dresser.  Like an abundance of blankets.  Blankets do not hang well. Onesies, though, hang just fine, with the added bonus that I can now see them all as I choose an outfit for the next few hours (before he spits up, spills, or poops on it and I have to change his clothes).  The hard part, surprisingly, is in deciding how to organize it.  His clothes come in style, color, season, and size.  The size part is what's throwing a monkey in the works (yes, the whole monkey, not just his wrench).  Some pieces say newborn, some say 0-3 months, some claim to be 6 months but look the same as the newborn size, some say 0-12 months.  Really?  0-12?  They couldn't be more vague about the size there?  I'm pretty sure babies grow quite a bit in the first year of their lives.   Then again, I suppose they could just be covering all their bases.  "This will fit a baby some time in it's first year."  Yes, thank you very much.  You've been very helpful, vague sizing tag.  I have two shirts that don't even have sizes on them.  Last night, I decided to just ignore the tags and start guessing.  As long as they're hanging up, I can clearly see the size differences.  I'll put the blankets and wash cloths and towels and other foldy things that don't hang well in the dresser, clothes in the closet, and diapers in the changing table drawer.  Excellent.  Now someone needs to explain to me the difference between actual pajamas and the one-piece outfits with the feet that don't have the pajama neck snap.

and we're dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign  

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