Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It should not be this hard to connect my blog to my Facebook.  It was connected.  It was working.  Then it stopped.  Stupid technology.  I think I fixed it now, so please forgive the abundance of "Notes" that flooded my Facebook. 

In other news, my presentation for Saturday is almost done, which is good because I still have to make Eli's steampunk vest for prom that night.  So in a turn of fate somewhat like an 80s teen movie by John Hughes, a giant box appeared on my dining room table yesterday morning.  At the top was a note that said "because I love you."  It was in Eli's handwriting, and the box was obviously professionally wrapped.  (Clue #1 was that it wasn't laminated in tape.) Inside the box was the funky black dress that I wanted to buy for prom but couldn't afford.  Eli went to the mall on Monday and bought me the dress I wanted in the right size and got it giftwrapped.  Because he loves me. 

that's the plan, rule the world
you and me, anyday
love your hair
"no, i love the AIR"

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