Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It should not be this hard to connect my blog to my Facebook.  It was connected.  It was working.  Then it stopped.  Stupid technology.  I think I fixed it now, so please forgive the abundance of "Notes" that flooded my Facebook. 

In other news, my presentation for Saturday is almost done, which is good because I still have to make Eli's steampunk vest for prom that night.  So in a turn of fate somewhat like an 80s teen movie by John Hughes, a giant box appeared on my dining room table yesterday morning.  At the top was a note that said "because I love you."  It was in Eli's handwriting, and the box was obviously professionally wrapped.  (Clue #1 was that it wasn't laminated in tape.) Inside the box was the funky black dress that I wanted to buy for prom but couldn't afford.  Eli went to the mall on Monday and bought me the dress I wanted in the right size and got it giftwrapped.  Because he loves me. 

that's the plan, rule the world
you and me, anyday
love your hair
"no, i love the AIR"

Monday, April 26, 2010


Two things today.  First, today is the official day of Boobquake 2010.  It's fun and it mocks non-science-y thoughts.  Check it out.

Second, we decided last night that there was a good chance Eli will be attacked by the Kraken while we are in Mexico.  In honor of that thought, I present the Kraken:

I'm sure it'll go for his face first.

but I'm awesome!
no you're not, dude don't lie
i'm awesome!
i'm drivin around in my mom's ride
i'm awesome!

a quarter of my life gone by
and I met all my friends online

Monday, April 5, 2010


Tattoo day is tomorrow.  I'm excited...and scared.  I'm not real big on pain.  Should be worth it though, Rocket did an amazing job with the design.  Five more weeks of school, and three major projects to finish, not counting the wedding.  The goal for tonight: finish two of them.  The likely outcome of tonight: finish season five of House.  Is it freaking anyone else out that in five weeks I will no longer be taking classes...ever?  Yeah, me neither.  Once I get my PhD, I'll probably just sign up for a different MA or MFA.  We'll see how many degrees I can collect before I have to flee the country due to stress-related homocide. 

In other news, Eli and I decided to start trying to have a baby in the fall.  (You like how I just slid that into the end of the post like it was old news?)

yeah, it's plain to see
that baby you're beautiful
and there's nothing wrong with you