Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vanilla bean cheesecake.

Is my downfall.  Or it will be if I go back to Pick N Save.  Their bakery is evil because they had chocolate vanilla bean cheesecake sitting next to key lime cheesecake sitting next to apple cream torte.  I bought carrot cake.  For Saturday.  I refuse to eat it before then so I've hidden it from myself.

I'm supposed to be writing right now (and I will be shortly), but I'm trying to keep my blog fairly updated.  There are a number of books I want to mention in a review-type entry, but alas, that's not for today.  That's for after I've finished most of my writing for the semester and can relax.  My stress headache is blessedly gone and my eye hasn't twitched once, so I hope that those two symptoms of my growing insanity have passed now that I've finished my creative nonfiction presentation, my observation, and my subjects for my prelims.  That was a lot for a Monday.  Now if I can just finish revising these two chapters and get them sent off before the first, I'll be right on schedule.

Right then, goals for today:
Finish revising two chapters.
Assemble wedding invitiations.
Design tattoo with Nicole.
Pick up Brian from Sheboygan (probably, and that's a whole 'nother story there)

I also have some tutoring sessions scheduled for today.  Le sigh.  I need to stop procrastinating.

when violet eyes get brighter
and heavy wings grow lighter
i'll taste the sky and feel alive again

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