Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can't sleep.

Eli is in Florida for the week, so I can't sleep.  Maybe if I get a doctor's note I can convince JCI to stop sending him places?  I need to be functioning to teach tomorrow.  Actually, that's not true.  I can teach and not function at the same time.  I have skills.  But it would be nice to be well-rested for once. 

In other news.  I submitted to the Literary Circular again, so hopefully I'll get chosen again.  Yay, two publishing lines on my CV.  I also submitted to REAL in the hopes that being on Christine's good side will get me in the door.  It pays to know (and love) the editor.  I'll also be submitting to WisRWA's Fab 5 contest again this year, in young adult and paranormal.  I just need to revise the first ten pages of each of those stories.  More on that later. 

My rationale and book lists for my prelims should be done by the end of this month.  I'll breathe a big sigh of relief once those are finished.  They have to be turned in by mid-March to make the April meeting of the committee that needs to approve it.  Then I just have to write five more papers and do two presentations to finish out my coursework.  Simple, really.  As long as the anxiety doesn't kill me first.  Anyone have a Xanex?

cause i'd get a thousand hugs
from ten thousand lightning bugs
as they tried to teach me how to dance

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