Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A blizzard would be nice.

As it usually happens, a lot of stuff keeps getting dumped on me all at once.  I suppose partly it's my own fault for not having perfect time management, but mostly it's just bad timing.  If it would just snow a couple of feet, I could have a few days of being stuck in my house to recoup, but I know it's not going to snow because it's actually raining outside.  So here's the down and dirty.  I've been having a toothache for a couple of days now, and the dentist told me today that my tooth is pretty much hollow due to a giant evil cavity.  I can get a root canal which costs a lot of money, and he doesn't recommend that, or I can get my tooth pulled.  If it were a molar, I'd just make an appointment and remove the offending tooth, but it's closer to the front of my mouth so if I get it pulled I'll look like redneck Nicole all gussied up for the hoe-down.  And really that's the image I wanted to portray in my wedding photos.  Getting a fake tooth is an option, but a very expensive one, more than the root canal.  I can take on some more tutoring to defray the cost, but I'm already at the very limits of what I can handle time-wise.  Time to make some hard decisions I suppose.

There's a debate raging among the graduate student loop at UWM about the school possibly pulling the sixth year of funding for PhD students.  I've never really felt that this debate affects me because I don't plan to be here for six years.  The part that is surprising is all the data people are digging up that states most students don't finish in six or even eight years.  I find myself wondering if they're including the time working on the MA with that.  I plan to be done in four years, so I'm a little incredulous that it takes so long for most people.  This discussion started me thinking about what I still have to do for my degree, from the proposal for my prelims which I believe I have to turn in next semester to the rewritten assignment sequence that's due tomorrow.  I had been considering doing a linguistics emphasis to make myself more marketable, but now I'm thinking maybe that would be taking on too much.  I still have a ton of wedding details to figure out and most of that planning will have to be done next semester.  I have student conferences today that I need to leave for in a few minutes, and I'm still in my sweats.  A blizzard is probably too much to hope for, and with my luck it would come down while I'm at school. 

On the happy side of town, I have mint chocolate milk.  It is delicious.

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