Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things I want that I can't afford.

This list is getting longer and longer by the day.  At the top of it right now is office furniture and a new desktop for my home office.  Second is the Nook, the new e-reader from Barnes and Noble.  Third is new music for my iPod, followed closely in fourth by a new iPod.  I've decided that I'd like to buy pretty much all of Breaking Benjamin's albums, but I need to save money so I'm resisting for now.  I hate that I never seem to have enough money, but I suppose that's my own fault.  I actually have plenty of money; I just need to save most of my extra money for various travel expenditures.

I haven't finished any books today, and I don't plan to since I have a large chunk of free time to catch up on my teacher work, my student work, and my editor work.  Once again, I'm sitting in the Cream City Review office with submissions I plan to read.  I got through two stacks last week, and I took a third home.  I still have that third in my bag, so I'm going to go through that one and finish up my electronic stack today.  Then, I'm going to read and comment on all my students' essays.  It's a noble goal, and one I hope I can actually achieve.

It turns out my health benefits through the university are better than what Johnson Controls offers, so we're considering signing me up and switching to my insurance.  That would be cool because then I'd have health insurance now rather than waiting until May.

It's raining outside, and every time I look out the window, I hope that someone's umbrella closes on their head like some kind of brain-sucking alien.  I would be horribly amused, and I kind of want to use the image in my book so it would be helpful if I could see what it would actually look like.  I don't think this makes me a bad person, just a truthful one.

I've recently discovered two websites that make me smile everyday: It Made My Day and My Life Is Average.  Check them out, they'll make you smile too.

thank you, it was cold down there on the floor

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