Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Better now.

Thanks for all the concern over the battle for my stomach.  I emerged the victor and pummeled my body into submission.  I had an easy day today, and I'm feeling much much better.  I did finish two books which I will review tomorrow probably.  I also started a third that I don't think I'll be finishing tonight since Amy distracted me for like three hours with an awesome website and YouTube videos. 

My last weekend at the Wisconsin Fear Grounds is coming up, and after that I'll be doing the tutoring for PMG through the end of the semester.  Hopefully, next semester will be less hectic.  I have a bunch of submissions I want to send off, but I think I'll be waiting until after Kelly's wedding.  I want to focus on that until it's over.  I also want to finish my new office so that I can have my own space for working.  Ah...dreams. 

guess you better go and get your armor

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