Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ah...the life of an indian princess.

What's the deal with all the little moccasins I'm seeing girls wearing on campus.  It's raining outside, big puddles everywhere, and these girls are slogging through with soggy shoes making that mushy sound.  They're not cute, and they can't possibly be warm when they're soaking wet.  Why, I ask you, why?

Snow boots.  That's where it's at.

Still haven't finished Bloodline.  That's scheduled for today though.  Conferences are done.  The first three annotations for my project are done, though I keep forgetting to email it to my advisor.  Kelly's super secret wedding present is not done, but oh it will be.  I'm currently sitting in the Cream City Review office surrounded by submissions that I need to be reading, which I'll be doing as soon as I'm done procrastinating.  The goal: get through three stacks before class at 4:30.  I'll let you know the results later.

Eli bought us a new dishwasher.  The kind that installs under the counter rather than the roll-y kind that screws up my nice new faucets when we have to connect it to the sink.  I'm super excited because it gets installed today.  This is just another sign that he loves me.  He apparently also told Natty that I'm "easy to love," which of course made me almost start blubbering at the parent-teacher conference we were crashing.  (We had to go hand out flyers for the tutoring gig to unsuspecting parents.)

Turns out I didn't actually get any creative writing done yesterday, though I did get academic writing done.  Not the same, but getting the academic writing out of the way makes room for more creative writing later.

Did I mention I'm getting published in The Literary Circular?  I'm just sayin'.

parents, please do not leave your children unattended.  unattended children will be eaten.

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