Friday, January 9, 2009

Vacation is over.

I'm back! I had a wonderful vacation away from all things computer-y. Though I love my computer dearly...and technically I brought it with me on my vacation. Right.

So Eli and I went to Las Vegas for a week. We met up with Zeke and Jenny (Eli's bro and sister-in-law), who stayed with us for New Year's Eve and the days immediately surrounding it. Vegas was a blast. We saw not one, but two Cirque shows (both amazing), an authentic Vegas showgirl act (utterly horrible), and had dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower at the snazziest restaurant I've ever been in (also amazing). Vegas on New Year's Eve is not for the faint of heart. I nearly got trampled because when all was said and done, there was something like a quarter of a million people crammed into a three-block area of hotels, casinos, and clubs. I didn't even get to see J-Lo. The club directly outside our hotel has an outside bar with girls dancing on it, and we had to get through that to get to the door. The people were completely smushed up against each other, and some idiots were pushing everyone in multiple directions. This is the part where I almost got trampled. I fell down because I got light-headed from not being able to breathe. The idiots wouldn't stop pushing me and I was literally getting crushed. Eli caught me and hauled me up again, then protected me until we got through the worst of it. On one hand it was kind of embarrassing that I almost fainted like a girl, but on the other hand I was uber glad he was there to keep me from getting killed. Next time I'm wearing stiletto heels and stomping on everyone's feet. That was the only down-side of the whole trip. Dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant was so posh. I got to go shopping at designer stores in three different malls (and I even bought a couple of things...that were on sale at severely reduced prices). I got peppermint truffles from Godiva. I got to sleep in as late as I wanted. I found out I adore Malibu with pineapple (which is my drink of choice from now on when we go out). Eli even bought me jewelry! A jade necklace with a silver swirly design around it. I ate like a pig though.

Speaking of pig-like tendencies, Weight Watchers is tomorrow, so we'll see how much damage I did in Vegas. I walked a lot though. And in this last week I've gone to the gym every day and done 4-5 miles of biking and running. I'm hoping it evens it out.

Christmas was the usual. Isaiah got a lot of presents. Eli got two presents. I got two presents. Mostly we just played board games with friends for like 3 days straight. That was the real present. Time to hang out without worrying about work.

Now I'm heading back into the thick of things. Tutoring starts in earnest next week, and I'm coordinating the Romantic Suspense category of WisRWA's FabFive contest. I just started getting entries this week. That means I need to get my own entry ready. I've also moved ahead with the Student Faculty Reading I'm hosting in March. I finally have a venue pinned down, now I just need to get all the little details together.

I've also started gathering all the little details for our costumes for ACen. I decided to go with Lady from Devil May Cry 4 for me and Dante from Devil May Cry 3 for Eli. I'm going all-out this year. I'm getting contacts, professionally styled wigs, everything. I'm even getting some help from a fellow cosplayer that did an awesome Lady cosplay earlier in the year. I'll be doing the work in progress pictures and everything. Kelly even volunteered to cosplay as Trish from Devil May Cry 4. So excited!

How is my writing coming, you ask? A little at a time. I'm still working on the second story in the Con Gods series. It's slow mostly because I was lazy for like two weeks, and now I'm catching up from lazy time. Once I'm fully caught up, I can write for longer than 10 minutes at a time. I haven't heard back from any of the places I submitted to, but that's both good and bad. No acceptances, but no rejections. Let's keep our fingers crossed, eh?

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