Monday, December 1, 2008

I am not procrastinating.

Okay, so maybe I am procrastinating...just a little. Right, time for updates. I very much enjoyed the feasting for Thanksgiving. Eli's family gets a little less scary every time I hang out with them. His step-mom didn't even ask me to help do the dishes this year (which prevented a sarcastic response which probably wouldn't have gone over well). I couldn't help thinking of Kelly and the Bissons a little wistfully. They always have such great Thanksgivings, kind of like the idealized American feast, but with less fat and calories and more Trivial Pursuit. I hope Kelly had fun. My weigh-in went really well. I lost weight again, so I haven't screwed myself too bad yet. I managed to not go crazy the rest of the weekend, so I'm hopeful.

Amy called throughout the weekend to pester me about doing my paper... and to discuss the rest of the Twilight Saga as she reads it (she's only partly into the second book the last time I talked to her). Did I actually work on my paper? Yes. Do I have anything to show for it? No. I wrote a couple of pages, then deleted them because they were crap. This isn't humility talking, I know crap from good writing. I haven't read any of my research yet, and it showed. I finally admitted that I really need to just sit down and read all the stuff I collected for the paper. I did all the rest of my homework for the week though. I'm almost done with my work stuff, so ideally, I'll have a full week to work on reading and writing my paper. I still have to revise and write the stories for my fiction portfolio, but it's not due until the week after my film paper, so it loses urgency points.

Also, I just watched the Sex and the City movie, and it was good. Made me want to look up Beethoven's love letters.

In other news, it's currently snowing like crazy, so there's a good chance my car won't want to start tomorrow after being buried in 8 inches of snow. Now, 8 inches doesn't sound like a lot until you have to shovel it or drive through it. Luckily, there will be no more shoveling as I bought a snowblower for Eli. We're all set. Speaking of Eli, he's in bed waiting for me, so I'm heading out.

Happy December, everyone!

ever thine
ever mine
ever ours

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