Friday, December 5, 2008

Bet you thought I'd disappeared again.

Here I am, and it's only been four days since my last post. See, I'm blogging regularly. What else have I been doing regularly? Well let me tell you. I've been writing. Oh yes. It started out as a revision of Hunter, but it's not even really the same story anymore. There are some similar plot structures and the names/places haven't changed, but a whole lot is different. Starting with the fact that I've literally rewritten most of it. Hopefully for the better. So yes, I've gotten my page a day finished this week...and some.

I stayed exactly the same at Weight Watchers this week, which is a cause for celebration. We went to my first Wisconsin fish fry last Friday, and it was so good that I ate a lot of food. I wanted to go back this week, but Eli vetoed the idea since we had an early volleyball game.

We actually won this week. Our official record is something like 17 losses to 2 wins, but we're really proud. I think we're going to join the Winter league starting in January. Tonight was awesome, we finally played like a team, though my serves were still sucky. I really need to find time to practice just serving.

I'm actually keeping up with my huge homework load for this week so far. I still have quite a bit to do, but it was expected. Sunday is going to be so busy. Especially since we're going to the Comedy Pub tomorrow night, and I have a Quilt Club meeting and the WisRWA holiday party. I just don't see much homework getting done tomorrow. Maybe I should just concentrate on grading tests for that day. On the plus side, I plan to get a Hawaiian Blizzard. I probably won't eat all of it, but I'm going to buy it and take many tiny bites.

love should end with hope...

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