Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Almost done.

I really shouldn't be here right now, but I love procrastinating. The only thing I have left to do for the semester is my Buffy paper. I'm about a third done with it, so I need to get on it. I just finished and turned in my final linguistics homework and everything else has been done since last week. So let's go back, shall we?

We had a double-header on Friday night for volleyball. Like the week before, we actually played as a team and had a lot of fun. We lost the first match (all three games), but we won the second (again, all three games). It was a nice feeling to sweep another team. My serves are improving slowly, but I apparently need to work on my sets because I keep getting called for carrying. Either way, this is the last week for our volleyball league. We signed up for the next one starting the first week of January, but the games are on Tuesdays instead of Fridays. This is good because then we can go to open volleyball on Fridays, but it's bad because only four of us can make the Tuesday night games. And of course, I'm signed up for volleyball II in the spring at UWM. I'll learn to jump serve yet.

I lost 2.2 pounds at Weight Watchers this week, finally putting me under 130 again. I visited the cardio machines at the gym before volleyball both days last week, and it helped. To keep that going, I joined the YMCA by my house for a month so that I could keep up with the cardio. I can thank Kelly for turning me on to that when I was in Dallas. They have open volleyball hours at the Y too, but I when I went over there yesterday, the guys playing were mean to me. I might as well have been sitting on the sidelines cheering. Actually, I might have gotten more of a workout if I had been cheering. I'm gonna go on Wednesday and see if the same guys are there. I really only joined for the cardio machines (and maybe the hot tub, sauna, and occasional use of the racquetball courts)...mostly for the cardio machines.

I have a new writing goal. I want to submit at least one story a week until school starts again. It's all well and good that I'm writing regularly, but I'll never get published if I don't submit. With that in mind, I submitted the new version of "Hunter" to Asimov's Science Fiction this week. What can I say, I aim high. I also tried to submit "Set in Stone" to a smaller press called Fringe, but there was some snafu with the e-submission thingy. I'll try again next week. I'm still waiting to hear back from Glimmer Train about the Family Matters contest I entered in October. Speaking of contests, I volunteered to help with the Fab Five contest at WisRWA in February. This is an amazing opportunity because I get to be in constant contact with editors as we organize and they judge the contest. I plan to enter it as well, but not in the category I'm organizing. It'll be tricky though because I'm also going to the annual AWP conference in Chicago in February. I'll be working the Cream City Review booth at the book fair and shmoozing with lit mag editors. Hopefully one will be sufficiently impressed with my funky outlook on life and personally ask to read some of my work. Well, one can dream. One last writing bit of news, I'm organizing a student/faculty reading on March 20th. More news on that as it gets closer.

All but two of the Christmas presents are taken care of, and those should be done and shipped by Friday. I'm not telling what any of them are, but I'm very pleased with how they all turned out. Eli and I went through the Christmas stuff last night and put up the tree. He actually helped this year. Have I mentioned I love this man? We have an entire box of present-wrapping stuff that is completely covered in mold. Suffice to say we won't be using that stuff this year. We also found that we have one and a half Christmas trees. An interesting situation to say the least. The half a tree is getting thrown out with the moldy wrapping.

Work is going to be busy up until Christmas as the computers came in for all my students and I have to arrange times to go pick them up with the families. Patricia also set up some kind of curriculum involving the computers for the last week or so of tutoring with them. I have no idea what it entails. All I know is that I have to find extra time to do this. She also gave me another list of students to pre-test, and I have to get permission forms signed for four of my new students to start in January. I just keep telling myself that I love my job most of the time.

Vegas is still on for New Year's. I can't wait.

here and now, will we ever be again
cuz i have found
that all that shimmers in this world is sure to fade away again....

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