Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm hopeless.

I've sort of been putting this off due to a sudden unfortunate obsession with all things Twilight. It's gotten so bad that I had trouble doing critiques for my fiction workshop...I just wanted to write "well, it's not Twilight..." I've been planning a rant in my head for days now for all those people out there giving Twilight a hard time. Now's my chance, and what do I realize? I'm glad it's not popular with everyone. That just makes it more special to me. What am I going to say about it? Here goes:

I think Twilight is incredibly well written for a young adult vampire romance, and I think the series only gets better as it goes. I think that Meyer should continue her Midnight Sun project because the first book has a lot more punch from Edward's point of view. And finally, I think that if you're not already a fan of paranormal young adult romance, then don't bother reading it. It won't be your thing.

In other news, the week in Texas was great. I was so happy to see my friends again, and I can't wait until Anime Central when I get to see Kelly and Q again. Not to mention I'm now committed to a Dante/Lady cosplay for me and Eli.

Thanks to a friend, I've recently discovered the band, 30 Seconds to Mars. I knew their song, The Kill, but didn't recognize any names until now. Turns out Jared Leto has been busy since his My So-Called Life days. I like their sound, and I especially like imagining Jared's beautiful eyes flashing with emotion while he sings.

I've been staying on track with Weight Watchers (finally) and I have a smaller pants size to prove it. I've also been staying on track with my writing, but I have a horrible feeling that anything I've written since Friday is just a cheap Twilight knock-off. I have had Bella's Lullaby stuck in my head all weekend...

Ugh, I have to ease this obsession somehow. Time for another book.

look in my eyes
you're killing me, killing me
all i wanted was you

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