Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quick shout out.

I just wanted to post a link to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity for this holiday season. If anyone has a little extra, this is the place to send it. Also, if you're in the area:

Have a great Thanksgiving!

i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedle ee dee dee...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Maybe I'm not so hopeless.

I just got off the phone with Amy, who convinced me I should do my Buffy paper before working on any more fun writing. She's so good for me. She also drooled on the phone while watching the 30 Seconds to Mars video, A Beautiful Lie. Jared Leto's eyes have inspired me in a new story.

So what's the goal for tonight? Write the first 5 pages of my Buffy paper, do yoga, and eat dinner. Then I can work on any of the stories I'm currently backlogging. I fully plan to overdose on caffeine so that I can stay up late and finish it. Amy is right; I'll be able to write without guilt if I just do the stupid thing.

Just a little more procrastination, then I'm all over it. My weigh-in is on Friday. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm a little worried that I'll be gaining this week after my awesome progress for the last month and a half. I'm thinking I might do yoga and some cardio tomorrow before heading up to Sheboygan for the feasting. And if I listen to Barb (my glorious Weight Watchers leader), I'll just eat half of whatever I put on my plate. That should help. I'll let you all know how it goes.

what if i wanted to break...

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm hopeless.

I've sort of been putting this off due to a sudden unfortunate obsession with all things Twilight. It's gotten so bad that I had trouble doing critiques for my fiction workshop...I just wanted to write "well, it's not Twilight..." I've been planning a rant in my head for days now for all those people out there giving Twilight a hard time. Now's my chance, and what do I realize? I'm glad it's not popular with everyone. That just makes it more special to me. What am I going to say about it? Here goes:

I think Twilight is incredibly well written for a young adult vampire romance, and I think the series only gets better as it goes. I think that Meyer should continue her Midnight Sun project because the first book has a lot more punch from Edward's point of view. And finally, I think that if you're not already a fan of paranormal young adult romance, then don't bother reading it. It won't be your thing.

In other news, the week in Texas was great. I was so happy to see my friends again, and I can't wait until Anime Central when I get to see Kelly and Q again. Not to mention I'm now committed to a Dante/Lady cosplay for me and Eli.

Thanks to a friend, I've recently discovered the band, 30 Seconds to Mars. I knew their song, The Kill, but didn't recognize any names until now. Turns out Jared Leto has been busy since his My So-Called Life days. I like their sound, and I especially like imagining Jared's beautiful eyes flashing with emotion while he sings.

I've been staying on track with Weight Watchers (finally) and I have a smaller pants size to prove it. I've also been staying on track with my writing, but I have a horrible feeling that anything I've written since Friday is just a cheap Twilight knock-off. I have had Bella's Lullaby stuck in my head all weekend...

Ugh, I have to ease this obsession somehow. Time for another book.

look in my eyes
you're killing me, killing me
all i wanted was you

Monday, November 3, 2008

Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog.

I'm back! The hectic preparations for our Halloween party are over, and I can finally relax. I'm so relaxed, in fact, that I accidentally skipped class today. Sarah's wedding is in two weeks or so, but I only have to finish her wedding present for that. Well, and show up with my fabulous self. The deadline for my final paper is starting to loom, so I should probably get started on my research. I don't suppose any of you could recommend some good articles on the changing portrayal of female characters in vampire movies? Yeah, that's what I thought. Luckily, that's the only big paper I have to do. My second story in my fiction class has been completed for a while now, and I turn it in on Wednesday. I hope they like it. I've started work on the last story, which I've titled "Wrath of the Con Gods." Yep, you read that right. Should be a lot of fun. I'm keeping up with my page a day goal, but not with the novel vs. school writing part of it. They've kind of collided at this point. I want to make "Wrath of the Con Gods" into a novel, but it has to start off as a short story for class. Oh, and I have to revise my first two stories. What that means is that I have to rewrite the beginning of "Hunter." I have a plan to make Jas more believable.

In other news, I've finished reading the archives of Least I Could Do in what little spare time I could find. The comic really grew on me, so I highly recommend it. We also start our volleyball league next Monday. I'm just hoping I don't screw up too badly. I don't think I play as well when I get nervous. The rest of the team is gimpy, so hopefully I'll just blend in. Tom hurt his leg playing Paintball a couple of weeks ago, Marie's arm is still hurt from when she took that fall rock-climbing, and Eli did something to his calf muscle when we were playing Ultimate Frisbee this weekend. At least my serves are making it over the net at this point.

I totally missed the RWA workshop this weekend as well. I was hoping I could to go to at least half of it, but I was too tired on Saturday morning. The workshop started at 8am, and I didn't even get up until like 11. I feel bad because these opportunities are few and far between, but I had a blast hanging out with my out of town friends instead. That's how we ended up playing Ultimate Frisbee. I think the locals might even be interested in doing another game this weekend. I managed to get all my work stuff done so that I would, indeed, get paid this month. I can't wait to start paying down my debt again. I have a five year plan, and it officially goes into effect this month.

I have a full day of classes et al. tomorrow, but I'm hoping to get some writing done. I'm considering bringing my laptop to school so I can write between classes. Doing it in my notebook is helping, but it's not the same level of writing I get when I can just let my ideas flow in front of a keyboard. I type much faster than I write, and I can let my brain get way ahead of my fingers without too many typos. Plus, typing is so much cleaner than writing and crossing out. The chaos has a negative effect on my chi, I'm sure of it. Oh! I submitted one of my short shorts to the Family Matters contest at Glimmer Train. It's still in process, but they're supposed to announce their winners this month. I also volunteered to help my RWA chapter with our writing contest in March. I'm going to enter it as well, of course, but it will be my first time on the other side of the contest desk. After a few years as a lit. journal reader, I'm familiar with that world of publishing. I'm looking forward to meeting the editors and agents that will be doing the judging, even if it's only virtual.

I haven't had a lot of time to read lately, but my TBR list is getting longer by the day. I picked up a couple of new mangas I wanted to try: Love Attack and Fall in Love like a Comic. Both are cute little Shojo jaunts. Fall in Love like a Comic is only two volumes long, which surprised me, but I enjoyed it anyway. The art reminds me of Yuu Watase. I only picked up the first volume of Love Attack, but there were at least 4 more volumes on the shelf at B&N. It's a little different than the usual wacky high school girl story. The heroine is always getting into physical fights, which I can appreciate because she's trying to protect those smaller than her. The art reminds me of W Juliet. I just found out recently that Emura is creating a sequel to W Juliet actually. I can't wait to see it. I won't expound on the many books I've bought recently; you'll get that next time. For now, I'm going to add another page to Con Gods and call it a night.

I am the terror that flaps in the night...