Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It got cold all of a sudden. Don't get me wrong, I love the cold. It's just that we went from mid-80s to low-60s in the matter of two days. Fall started with a bang, I guess you could say.

Eli broke our Rock Band drums two nights ago on Rock Band 2. This is frustrating because I was hoping to get some time in with the drum trainer to finally convince my brain that yes, I can do the kick drum and the pads at the same time. Or at least play Offspring over and over again until I can do it with my eyes closed (I figured it would be a neat party trick). All is not lost though. We had planned to buy the band kit for Guitar Hero 4, which includes a drum set, a better one. Unfortunately, it doesn't come out until the end of October, I think.

I've done a lot of pre-writing on Kai's story (formerly Taige's story, but Taige wasn't working at the protagonist), but I have a short story due on Monday that I hadn't even thought about until yesterday. Luckily, the Muse conked me over the head during yoga, so now I have something to write about. I'll give you a hint: their names are Sabine and Ryan. I'm working on Kai's story and this short for class, which I plan to finish this weekend (good timing considering when it's due). I'm also planning to enter a contest with Kai's story. It's only the first 5 pages, which may seem easier than say the first 3 chapters, but I have to convince the judges to care about my story in only 5 pages. That seems pretty tricky to me. Well, I do love a challenge.

There's a lot going on this weekend as far as social outings, as usual. We're going to see a lecture by Frank Warren, creater of Post Secret, on Thursday night. No plans on Friday, but I have a robe to finish making for a friend for Halloween. Saturday is the big paintball game that Eli loves. He and 600 of his closest friends will be splattering eachother with high-velocity paint all day. I'm going to a barbeque with some friends in Pewaukee later in the afternoon, but I'm hoping to get my short story written in the morning. Sunday is clean-the-house day since we're having Isaiah's birthday party after school on Monday. That means I need to bake a cake too.

I've managed to get a few books read this last week. I went with a collection theme at the used book store by my house and bought four collections that contained at least one author I wanted to read. There was a dual purpose to this. First, it introduces me to new authors in a short, compacted format. Second, it's easier for me to put down the book and go write my paper for film studies if I'm reading chunks of stories rather than a 350 page behemoth. The only one of the four that sticks out in my mind is The Hope Chest. The last story was by Susan Kearney, who writes a futuristic series beginning with The Challenge. Turns out that The Challenge was her very first book many, many years ago (she mentioned it in the interview at the back of the book). I find this interesting because when I first read The Challenge, I was not entirely impressed with it. The writing seemed just a tad unpolished. I was surprised because I'd read other books by Kearney and they didn't have that quality. I chalked it down to a new genre (she was writing Harlequin Intrigue and Blaze before) and that I was too picky. The following books of the series were wonderful, and I didn't get the same feeling. She says she rewrote most of the book when it was finally going to be published, but a few places still caught my eye. Guess I have a better eye than I thought.

What am I doing now? I'm taking a hot shower, then taking advantage of this quiet time to get further into Sabine and Ryan, since I can't practice my drumming.

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Richard Shuping said...

man drumming is fun. that is sad about your drums :P im hoping that i get hired as a regular employee so that i can save some money :P hey i finally got around to putting in yours and eli fallen earth thing, just to let you know that its in alpha, so there will be buggie things, but its getting better, and if you have any ideas let me know. get new drumms and dont rock out so much :D back to work later rae, ollie, or richard