Monday, December 22, 2008

I can't find my car.

Well, I know where my car is, I just can't see it under all the snow. Yes, there really is that much snow on the ground. In my driveway in fact. Packed around my poor little Ming. (Ming is my car's name, for those of you who are not yet convinced that I'm insane.) It's literally -20 degrees outside right now, with the sun shining. And we're supposed to get 6 more inches of snow tonight, then another 7 inches on Wednesday. Yikes.

I found a veritable treasure trove of material for inspiration. Generally, to write good stuff, I have to be emotional about it. My emotions imbue the writing with emotions and voila, yummy stories of emotional goodness. So, I found two things. Isaac's myspace and several conversations with Isaac from November 2006. If you remember my history correctly, you'll realize that November 2006 was 11 months after we parted ways and period when communications were reopened. I like to think I got over his betrayal and became a stronger person, but there are moments when I'm full of such a cocktail of negative emotions, rage in the forefront. Even after all this time. From those emotions, I've started a new series of short stories. We'll see how far they go.

Volleyball was not so good on Friday. We lost all three games, though I did manage to kick the ball back over the net once. I was rather proud of that one. Playing itself was fun enough, but I like to have my hard work rewarded by winning everyone once in a while. We came close, but didn't pull it out in the end. Thus ends our holiday league at Waynz World. There is talk of a winter league on Tuesdays, so hopefully I'll have my revenge on the ball.

Christmas presents are almost ready. That's all I'm saying about that. But, Happy Yule! for all you pagans out there.

I have to go run some errands and take a nap because I'm developing a bad tendency to read all night again. Maybe if I read all day, the urge will subside at sleepy time...

second chances they don't ever matter, people never change
once a whore, you're nothing more, i'm sorry that'll never change
and about forgiveness, we're both supposed to have exchanged
i'm sorry honey, but i passed it up, now look this way...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Almost done.

I really shouldn't be here right now, but I love procrastinating. The only thing I have left to do for the semester is my Buffy paper. I'm about a third done with it, so I need to get on it. I just finished and turned in my final linguistics homework and everything else has been done since last week. So let's go back, shall we?

We had a double-header on Friday night for volleyball. Like the week before, we actually played as a team and had a lot of fun. We lost the first match (all three games), but we won the second (again, all three games). It was a nice feeling to sweep another team. My serves are improving slowly, but I apparently need to work on my sets because I keep getting called for carrying. Either way, this is the last week for our volleyball league. We signed up for the next one starting the first week of January, but the games are on Tuesdays instead of Fridays. This is good because then we can go to open volleyball on Fridays, but it's bad because only four of us can make the Tuesday night games. And of course, I'm signed up for volleyball II in the spring at UWM. I'll learn to jump serve yet.

I lost 2.2 pounds at Weight Watchers this week, finally putting me under 130 again. I visited the cardio machines at the gym before volleyball both days last week, and it helped. To keep that going, I joined the YMCA by my house for a month so that I could keep up with the cardio. I can thank Kelly for turning me on to that when I was in Dallas. They have open volleyball hours at the Y too, but I when I went over there yesterday, the guys playing were mean to me. I might as well have been sitting on the sidelines cheering. Actually, I might have gotten more of a workout if I had been cheering. I'm gonna go on Wednesday and see if the same guys are there. I really only joined for the cardio machines (and maybe the hot tub, sauna, and occasional use of the racquetball courts)...mostly for the cardio machines.

I have a new writing goal. I want to submit at least one story a week until school starts again. It's all well and good that I'm writing regularly, but I'll never get published if I don't submit. With that in mind, I submitted the new version of "Hunter" to Asimov's Science Fiction this week. What can I say, I aim high. I also tried to submit "Set in Stone" to a smaller press called Fringe, but there was some snafu with the e-submission thingy. I'll try again next week. I'm still waiting to hear back from Glimmer Train about the Family Matters contest I entered in October. Speaking of contests, I volunteered to help with the Fab Five contest at WisRWA in February. This is an amazing opportunity because I get to be in constant contact with editors as we organize and they judge the contest. I plan to enter it as well, but not in the category I'm organizing. It'll be tricky though because I'm also going to the annual AWP conference in Chicago in February. I'll be working the Cream City Review booth at the book fair and shmoozing with lit mag editors. Hopefully one will be sufficiently impressed with my funky outlook on life and personally ask to read some of my work. Well, one can dream. One last writing bit of news, I'm organizing a student/faculty reading on March 20th. More news on that as it gets closer.

All but two of the Christmas presents are taken care of, and those should be done and shipped by Friday. I'm not telling what any of them are, but I'm very pleased with how they all turned out. Eli and I went through the Christmas stuff last night and put up the tree. He actually helped this year. Have I mentioned I love this man? We have an entire box of present-wrapping stuff that is completely covered in mold. Suffice to say we won't be using that stuff this year. We also found that we have one and a half Christmas trees. An interesting situation to say the least. The half a tree is getting thrown out with the moldy wrapping.

Work is going to be busy up until Christmas as the computers came in for all my students and I have to arrange times to go pick them up with the families. Patricia also set up some kind of curriculum involving the computers for the last week or so of tutoring with them. I have no idea what it entails. All I know is that I have to find extra time to do this. She also gave me another list of students to pre-test, and I have to get permission forms signed for four of my new students to start in January. I just keep telling myself that I love my job most of the time.

Vegas is still on for New Year's. I can't wait.

here and now, will we ever be again
cuz i have found
that all that shimmers in this world is sure to fade away again....

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I tried to post last night, but I was interrupted by our volleyball games (which we won, more on that later). Today, I've convinced Eli to go Christmas shopping with me. Fun times. I'll let you know how it goes.

i'm dreaming of a white christmas...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bet you thought I'd disappeared again.

Here I am, and it's only been four days since my last post. See, I'm blogging regularly. What else have I been doing regularly? Well let me tell you. I've been writing. Oh yes. It started out as a revision of Hunter, but it's not even really the same story anymore. There are some similar plot structures and the names/places haven't changed, but a whole lot is different. Starting with the fact that I've literally rewritten most of it. Hopefully for the better. So yes, I've gotten my page a day finished this week...and some.

I stayed exactly the same at Weight Watchers this week, which is a cause for celebration. We went to my first Wisconsin fish fry last Friday, and it was so good that I ate a lot of food. I wanted to go back this week, but Eli vetoed the idea since we had an early volleyball game.

We actually won this week. Our official record is something like 17 losses to 2 wins, but we're really proud. I think we're going to join the Winter league starting in January. Tonight was awesome, we finally played like a team, though my serves were still sucky. I really need to find time to practice just serving.

I'm actually keeping up with my huge homework load for this week so far. I still have quite a bit to do, but it was expected. Sunday is going to be so busy. Especially since we're going to the Comedy Pub tomorrow night, and I have a Quilt Club meeting and the WisRWA holiday party. I just don't see much homework getting done tomorrow. Maybe I should just concentrate on grading tests for that day. On the plus side, I plan to get a Hawaiian Blizzard. I probably won't eat all of it, but I'm going to buy it and take many tiny bites.

love should end with hope...

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am not procrastinating.

Okay, so maybe I am procrastinating...just a little. Right, time for updates. I very much enjoyed the feasting for Thanksgiving. Eli's family gets a little less scary every time I hang out with them. His step-mom didn't even ask me to help do the dishes this year (which prevented a sarcastic response which probably wouldn't have gone over well). I couldn't help thinking of Kelly and the Bissons a little wistfully. They always have such great Thanksgivings, kind of like the idealized American feast, but with less fat and calories and more Trivial Pursuit. I hope Kelly had fun. My weigh-in went really well. I lost weight again, so I haven't screwed myself too bad yet. I managed to not go crazy the rest of the weekend, so I'm hopeful.

Amy called throughout the weekend to pester me about doing my paper... and to discuss the rest of the Twilight Saga as she reads it (she's only partly into the second book the last time I talked to her). Did I actually work on my paper? Yes. Do I have anything to show for it? No. I wrote a couple of pages, then deleted them because they were crap. This isn't humility talking, I know crap from good writing. I haven't read any of my research yet, and it showed. I finally admitted that I really need to just sit down and read all the stuff I collected for the paper. I did all the rest of my homework for the week though. I'm almost done with my work stuff, so ideally, I'll have a full week to work on reading and writing my paper. I still have to revise and write the stories for my fiction portfolio, but it's not due until the week after my film paper, so it loses urgency points.

Also, I just watched the Sex and the City movie, and it was good. Made me want to look up Beethoven's love letters.

In other news, it's currently snowing like crazy, so there's a good chance my car won't want to start tomorrow after being buried in 8 inches of snow. Now, 8 inches doesn't sound like a lot until you have to shovel it or drive through it. Luckily, there will be no more shoveling as I bought a snowblower for Eli. We're all set. Speaking of Eli, he's in bed waiting for me, so I'm heading out.

Happy December, everyone!

ever thine
ever mine
ever ours

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quick shout out.

I just wanted to post a link to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity for this holiday season. If anyone has a little extra, this is the place to send it. Also, if you're in the area:

Have a great Thanksgiving!

i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedle ee dee dee...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Maybe I'm not so hopeless.

I just got off the phone with Amy, who convinced me I should do my Buffy paper before working on any more fun writing. She's so good for me. She also drooled on the phone while watching the 30 Seconds to Mars video, A Beautiful Lie. Jared Leto's eyes have inspired me in a new story.

So what's the goal for tonight? Write the first 5 pages of my Buffy paper, do yoga, and eat dinner. Then I can work on any of the stories I'm currently backlogging. I fully plan to overdose on caffeine so that I can stay up late and finish it. Amy is right; I'll be able to write without guilt if I just do the stupid thing.

Just a little more procrastination, then I'm all over it. My weigh-in is on Friday. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm a little worried that I'll be gaining this week after my awesome progress for the last month and a half. I'm thinking I might do yoga and some cardio tomorrow before heading up to Sheboygan for the feasting. And if I listen to Barb (my glorious Weight Watchers leader), I'll just eat half of whatever I put on my plate. That should help. I'll let you all know how it goes.

what if i wanted to break...

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm hopeless.

I've sort of been putting this off due to a sudden unfortunate obsession with all things Twilight. It's gotten so bad that I had trouble doing critiques for my fiction workshop...I just wanted to write "well, it's not Twilight..." I've been planning a rant in my head for days now for all those people out there giving Twilight a hard time. Now's my chance, and what do I realize? I'm glad it's not popular with everyone. That just makes it more special to me. What am I going to say about it? Here goes:

I think Twilight is incredibly well written for a young adult vampire romance, and I think the series only gets better as it goes. I think that Meyer should continue her Midnight Sun project because the first book has a lot more punch from Edward's point of view. And finally, I think that if you're not already a fan of paranormal young adult romance, then don't bother reading it. It won't be your thing.

In other news, the week in Texas was great. I was so happy to see my friends again, and I can't wait until Anime Central when I get to see Kelly and Q again. Not to mention I'm now committed to a Dante/Lady cosplay for me and Eli.

Thanks to a friend, I've recently discovered the band, 30 Seconds to Mars. I knew their song, The Kill, but didn't recognize any names until now. Turns out Jared Leto has been busy since his My So-Called Life days. I like their sound, and I especially like imagining Jared's beautiful eyes flashing with emotion while he sings.

I've been staying on track with Weight Watchers (finally) and I have a smaller pants size to prove it. I've also been staying on track with my writing, but I have a horrible feeling that anything I've written since Friday is just a cheap Twilight knock-off. I have had Bella's Lullaby stuck in my head all weekend...

Ugh, I have to ease this obsession somehow. Time for another book.

look in my eyes
you're killing me, killing me
all i wanted was you

Monday, November 3, 2008

Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog.

I'm back! The hectic preparations for our Halloween party are over, and I can finally relax. I'm so relaxed, in fact, that I accidentally skipped class today. Sarah's wedding is in two weeks or so, but I only have to finish her wedding present for that. Well, and show up with my fabulous self. The deadline for my final paper is starting to loom, so I should probably get started on my research. I don't suppose any of you could recommend some good articles on the changing portrayal of female characters in vampire movies? Yeah, that's what I thought. Luckily, that's the only big paper I have to do. My second story in my fiction class has been completed for a while now, and I turn it in on Wednesday. I hope they like it. I've started work on the last story, which I've titled "Wrath of the Con Gods." Yep, you read that right. Should be a lot of fun. I'm keeping up with my page a day goal, but not with the novel vs. school writing part of it. They've kind of collided at this point. I want to make "Wrath of the Con Gods" into a novel, but it has to start off as a short story for class. Oh, and I have to revise my first two stories. What that means is that I have to rewrite the beginning of "Hunter." I have a plan to make Jas more believable.

In other news, I've finished reading the archives of Least I Could Do in what little spare time I could find. The comic really grew on me, so I highly recommend it. We also start our volleyball league next Monday. I'm just hoping I don't screw up too badly. I don't think I play as well when I get nervous. The rest of the team is gimpy, so hopefully I'll just blend in. Tom hurt his leg playing Paintball a couple of weeks ago, Marie's arm is still hurt from when she took that fall rock-climbing, and Eli did something to his calf muscle when we were playing Ultimate Frisbee this weekend. At least my serves are making it over the net at this point.

I totally missed the RWA workshop this weekend as well. I was hoping I could to go to at least half of it, but I was too tired on Saturday morning. The workshop started at 8am, and I didn't even get up until like 11. I feel bad because these opportunities are few and far between, but I had a blast hanging out with my out of town friends instead. That's how we ended up playing Ultimate Frisbee. I think the locals might even be interested in doing another game this weekend. I managed to get all my work stuff done so that I would, indeed, get paid this month. I can't wait to start paying down my debt again. I have a five year plan, and it officially goes into effect this month.

I have a full day of classes et al. tomorrow, but I'm hoping to get some writing done. I'm considering bringing my laptop to school so I can write between classes. Doing it in my notebook is helping, but it's not the same level of writing I get when I can just let my ideas flow in front of a keyboard. I type much faster than I write, and I can let my brain get way ahead of my fingers without too many typos. Plus, typing is so much cleaner than writing and crossing out. The chaos has a negative effect on my chi, I'm sure of it. Oh! I submitted one of my short shorts to the Family Matters contest at Glimmer Train. It's still in process, but they're supposed to announce their winners this month. I also volunteered to help my RWA chapter with our writing contest in March. I'm going to enter it as well, of course, but it will be my first time on the other side of the contest desk. After a few years as a lit. journal reader, I'm familiar with that world of publishing. I'm looking forward to meeting the editors and agents that will be doing the judging, even if it's only virtual.

I haven't had a lot of time to read lately, but my TBR list is getting longer by the day. I picked up a couple of new mangas I wanted to try: Love Attack and Fall in Love like a Comic. Both are cute little Shojo jaunts. Fall in Love like a Comic is only two volumes long, which surprised me, but I enjoyed it anyway. The art reminds me of Yuu Watase. I only picked up the first volume of Love Attack, but there were at least 4 more volumes on the shelf at B&N. It's a little different than the usual wacky high school girl story. The heroine is always getting into physical fights, which I can appreciate because she's trying to protect those smaller than her. The art reminds me of W Juliet. I just found out recently that Emura is creating a sequel to W Juliet actually. I can't wait to see it. I won't expound on the many books I've bought recently; you'll get that next time. For now, I'm going to add another page to Con Gods and call it a night.

I am the terror that flaps in the night...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I fail at blogging.

It's been two weeks, and I haven't died. Work started back up though, so I've been really busy. I have two new stories in the works for class, and I'm still working on Kai's novel, though it's more editing at this point than writing. I just don't like the first scene, but I can't figure out where to start it. I have a little something worked out that I might try to go somewhere with, but I think I'm going for a tone that the story just doesn't have...or want. Dark just doesn't seem to be working. Kai is trying to be a badass, bless her little heart, but she's more likely to be the comic relief. I blame Taige. She was always the comic relief, and it seems like she just isn't ready to let go of her story just yet. I have one week left until the contest deadline...let's see if I can get a good 5 pages done and sent off.

The Muse demands chocolate, I must appease her.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It got cold all of a sudden. Don't get me wrong, I love the cold. It's just that we went from mid-80s to low-60s in the matter of two days. Fall started with a bang, I guess you could say.

Eli broke our Rock Band drums two nights ago on Rock Band 2. This is frustrating because I was hoping to get some time in with the drum trainer to finally convince my brain that yes, I can do the kick drum and the pads at the same time. Or at least play Offspring over and over again until I can do it with my eyes closed (I figured it would be a neat party trick). All is not lost though. We had planned to buy the band kit for Guitar Hero 4, which includes a drum set, a better one. Unfortunately, it doesn't come out until the end of October, I think.

I've done a lot of pre-writing on Kai's story (formerly Taige's story, but Taige wasn't working at the protagonist), but I have a short story due on Monday that I hadn't even thought about until yesterday. Luckily, the Muse conked me over the head during yoga, so now I have something to write about. I'll give you a hint: their names are Sabine and Ryan. I'm working on Kai's story and this short for class, which I plan to finish this weekend (good timing considering when it's due). I'm also planning to enter a contest with Kai's story. It's only the first 5 pages, which may seem easier than say the first 3 chapters, but I have to convince the judges to care about my story in only 5 pages. That seems pretty tricky to me. Well, I do love a challenge.

There's a lot going on this weekend as far as social outings, as usual. We're going to see a lecture by Frank Warren, creater of Post Secret, on Thursday night. No plans on Friday, but I have a robe to finish making for a friend for Halloween. Saturday is the big paintball game that Eli loves. He and 600 of his closest friends will be splattering eachother with high-velocity paint all day. I'm going to a barbeque with some friends in Pewaukee later in the afternoon, but I'm hoping to get my short story written in the morning. Sunday is clean-the-house day since we're having Isaiah's birthday party after school on Monday. That means I need to bake a cake too.

I've managed to get a few books read this last week. I went with a collection theme at the used book store by my house and bought four collections that contained at least one author I wanted to read. There was a dual purpose to this. First, it introduces me to new authors in a short, compacted format. Second, it's easier for me to put down the book and go write my paper for film studies if I'm reading chunks of stories rather than a 350 page behemoth. The only one of the four that sticks out in my mind is The Hope Chest. The last story was by Susan Kearney, who writes a futuristic series beginning with The Challenge. Turns out that The Challenge was her very first book many, many years ago (she mentioned it in the interview at the back of the book). I find this interesting because when I first read The Challenge, I was not entirely impressed with it. The writing seemed just a tad unpolished. I was surprised because I'd read other books by Kearney and they didn't have that quality. I chalked it down to a new genre (she was writing Harlequin Intrigue and Blaze before) and that I was too picky. The following books of the series were wonderful, and I didn't get the same feeling. She says she rewrote most of the book when it was finally going to be published, but a few places still caught my eye. Guess I have a better eye than I thought.

What am I doing now? I'm taking a hot shower, then taking advantage of this quiet time to get further into Sabine and Ryan, since I can't practice my drumming.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I live!

I'm still sick, but I'm feeling much better thanks to all the drugs I'm taking. I realize I'm a little behind on the blogging since I got sick, so now's when I try to catch up.

Sunday: Eli actually suggested we go to the mall. I jumped at the chance and made him spend an hour with me in Barnes and Noble (he groans, but he likes it as much as I do). I ended up with several new books that I hadn't even realized were out and some new ones I wanted to try. I also got a vampire anthology. Yep, you heard me right. A collection of romance shorts centered around vampires. What's the name, you ask? The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance. I'm so not kidding. You see why I had to buy it? Also, Shiloh Walker's newest short is in there. What else did I buy? Let me enlighten you.

I picked up two more Shomi books: Countdown by Michelle Maddox and Hidden by Eve Kenin. I've already devoured Countdown, and it was amazing. She had a great hook right from the first page, and I truly enjoyed both the characters. One of the problems I had with the first couple of Shomi books was that the male leads didn't really get fleshed out, but they seem to have fixed that. Michelle put her characters in some truly unique predicaments. It was refreshing to read that after the onslaught of "make me your vampire/werewolf/demon/cyborg lover-queen." I'm trying very hard not to give anything juicy away, so I strongly recommend everyone go read this

Hidden is up next on the list. Turns out Eve made a sequel to her first Shomi book-Driven. I love connected books like that, there's nothing better than going back after the happy ending to see what happened to the characters I loved so much.

I also picked up a newbie to my reading shelves-The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox. The first three sentences on the back of the book hooked me. "It's never a good day when an ancient demon shows up on your toilet. For Lizzie Brown, that's just the beginning. Soon her hyperactive terrier starts talking, and her long-lost biker-witch grandma is hurling Smuckers jars filled with magic." A demon showing up on someone's toilet sounds like the beginning of a book I'd write; ergo, I would love it. At first, I was a bit disappointed when I actually started reading it. Turns out dear old Lizzie is an uptight preschool teacher. Not my ideal heroine. She spends the first couple of chapters simply reacting to things going on around her. Luckily for Angie, the things going on around her were pretty darned interesting. It wasn't until maybe 2/3 of the way through the book that Lizzie lets her inner Bad-Ass free. Overall, it was a good first try. I checked out her website and it seems she's all set up for book number two in the series. I think I'll buy it.

Thursday: The reading went really well. After wallowing in self-pity all week ("I have nothing worth reading!! /emo"), I decided to go with the first couple of pages of "Strange Land." I didn't stutter, trip, burp, hack up a lung, or do anything else even slightly embarrassing. Everyone laughed at all the right parts, and I got some nice applause when I finished. I was very impressed by Matt Schumacher (the poet who read after me). He gave an amazing performance. Good enough that I wanted to buy his poetry book even though I'm not that big on poetry (and I still plan to buy it).

Saturday: The WisRWA (Wisconsin Romance Writers of America for you uninitiated folks) meeting was amazing. I met some extremely nice people and kicked ass at Romance Jeopardy. I had the Bad Boys category down. I'm thinking of joining a Book in a Month group with these ladies in November. I'll keep you posted on that one.

Sunday: I spent way too much money shopping with a friend who I don't hang out with enough. But I got a Bad-Ass chocolate colored leather jacket (real leather!) for an astounding $60. That sucker was like 80% off. It was worth the entire trip.

Today: I had an epiphany for the way to fix Taige's novel, though it's not really Taige's novel anymore. I had to give it to Kai or I'd just keep getting hung up on KScope. That's the new goal. Fortune Cookie can wait. I'm going to write this one from page one. I did the notes and plotting today. I'll finish up the plotting tomorrow and start the first chapter. I want to be done with the first 35 pages or so by October 1st so I can enter it in some contests. One in particular only needs the first 5 pages, but that's going to be tricky because I need to introduce the male lead in that short amount of time. Never fear, I have the first scene already planned and it's drool-worthy.

Tomorrow: The world! (muahahaha)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nyquil is my friend.

I've been horribly sick all weekend, but I plan to update with some real information soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Need sleep.

It's been a long, long day--a long two days actually. I've been keeping up with my page a day goal, which makes me extremely happy, but I've been getting gypped on the sleeping. I just seem unable to sleep through the night since Sunday. I actually fell asleep on the bus this morning. I was not pleased. I got through the day with the help of a Thin Mint Mocha, but at this point I'm extremely glad I only have one class tomorrow. Now, I have to finish a synopsis and pass out. Oh, and remind me to talk about the loot from Sunday's plundering of Barnes and Noble.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I found flair.

Day one complete. I got my page in (more like 2 1/2 pages) and the meeting with the creative writing department went well. Then I spent like two hours playing with flair on Facebook. There are a lot of rabid Twilight fans out there. Guess I need to get cracking on reading the rest of the books in the series. After I finish the next three, I might pop over to Stephanie Meyers' website and read the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun just for kicks.

There are some books coming out in October I'm very interested in reading. Susan Grant's and Gena Showalter's stories in Mysteria Lane, Katie MacAlister's Up in Smoke, and Michelle Sagara's Cast in Fury. I'm also planning a trip up to Michigan to see some friends over a long weekend. And let's not forget the annual Halloween Party for all our friends and guildmates. That's just the non-school stuff. It's gonna be a busy month, but first I have to get through September.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Tingle

I just finished reading Stephanie Meyers' Twilight, and I truly loved it. I was up at 4:30am because I couldn't put it down once I started it. The best part is that it made me think-about my writing, about what I like to read, about human connections-and I found myself with the Tingle. I haven't really felt the Tingle in too many months. Like the muse was taking a little hiatus before we got back on track with the educational part of my life. The passionate need to write is fizzing just under my skin, and I can't wait to indulge it.

Tomorrow I plan to work on my novel. Which one, you ask? Doesn't matter as long as I'm writing. My new goals are: 1) a page a day Monday through Friday and 2) sticking with the same story. I'll work on my short stories for class on the weekends. Weekdays are for my career.

As an extra bonus, I'm doing a public reading next Thursday. Should be fun. I'll let you all know if I trip or flash the audience or something equally embarrassing.

A Late Night Epiphany

I realized at 4:30am that I needed a space to keep up with my own life. A bit more push for my writing. A place to talk about books I've read. A way for my friends to keep up with me. It's about time I joined the crowd.